Lori Tinsley

Lori Tinsley is the main antagonist from "Dog Eat Dog", episode 6.09 of CSI.

She was portrayed by Paula Trickey.


Lori Tinsley was the estranged wife of Michael Tinsley, and the couple was going through an immensely bitter divorce. Among other things, Lori planning to sell Michael's record collection, prompting Michael to send his girlfriend, Missy, to take some of his favorites from the house. The main centerpiece of their custody battle was their dog named Kahlua with the couple agreeing to allow Kahlua to choose between them. Knowing this, Lori coated her fingertips with bacon grease; manipulating Kahlua into choosing her over Michael. The scheming villainess did so knowing how much Michael loved Kahlua, and his heartbreak over losing her led to him replacing her with another female golden retriever and giving her the same name.

Replacing Kahlua was part of Michael's plan to switch that dog with the real Kahlua; however, when he was sneaking into the home late at night, the alarm went off and woke up Lori. A nasty argument followed, with Lori accusing Michael of loving Kahlua more than he loved her. After Michael boldly agreed, the evil Lori took a gun out of her drawer and shot Michael to death following a scuffle. The gunshot caused the fake Kahlua to go ballistic and lunge at Lori's throat, thus mauling her to death.


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