Lorne, the Friend for Life (or just plain Lorne,) is the stalker of Sam and Max. He appears in three episodes of the animated series.

He was voiced by Patrick McKenna.


Living in a carnival fun house, Lorne is an obsessed fan of the duo, complete with a stalker shrine of candles and old photographs. He deems himself to be the "friend for life" and to be their number-one fan. Sam and Max however are less than pleased whenever they have to contend with his annoying behavior and tendencies to interfere in their line of work.

He also shows signs of psychopathy in his fanaticism, such as his willingness to kidnap and hijack a blimp full of innocents just to get his idols' attention.


In his first appearance, he pesters Sam and Max which results in the escape of the Mad Thespian, a theater-themed criminal Sam and Max had captured. Determined to improve himself in their eyes, Lorne abducts the Mad Thespian and tortures him via his constant babble and fanatical obsession. The duo make their way through his funhouse lair with its various traps and rescue the villain. They manage to convince Lorne to remain by telling him to create a website to honor them.

In his second appearance, Sam and Max responds to a distress call about a demented terrorist having taken the controls of a passenger blimp. When they reach the cockpit, they discover Lorne in the pilot's chair under the pretense of being controlled via the commands and shocks of a distant terrorist. It is evident that this is only another of Lorne's schemes to get Sam and Max's attention, albeit one that endangers several innocent lives in the process. The two manage to get the passengers off the blimp and then seize the controls. Lorne continues the act until he exposes his obvious plot.

In his third and final appearance, a flashback shows their first encounter. Following a crash in the DeSoto, Lorne forcefully performs CPR on the two and then kidnaps them while they scream for help. The two presumably escape at some point, although the scene is still something to behold.


  • He's the Sam and Max equivalent (and the happy-go-lucky version) of Squidward.
  • Has a role similar of that of Pop's Records.
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