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Los Muertos is one of the three major gangs of Pacific City in Crackdown. They are based on real-life Central and South American gangs and drug dealers. 


Los Muertos, "the Dead", grown quickly from an insignificant band of Central American drug dealers into a massive narcotics operation conquering the Two Islands forming Pacific City's east side, a district now called "La Mugre" (The Dirt).

Their "Death" designation was first chosen to strike fear into those who might dare get in their way, now their name is more associated with the consequences of their vile and ruthless trade.

Los Muertos' members are fearsome fighters with incredible brute strength and brutality to match. They are also known for being Vehicle experts, stealing and modifying cars and vans of high quality before using them to great effect in crimes and getaways.

Gang Leaders

Image Name Rank Location Description
Don Domingo Garcia.jpg
Don Domingo "El Brazo" Garcia Kingpin of Los Muertos Villa The Kingpin of Los Muertos, Garcia is a strong and smart man who's violent temper is a benefit as the head of the gang. In the past decade, Garcia elevated the gang with brute force and competent accomplices to become one of the three most powerful criminal organizations in Pacific City. In his infrequent visits to the capital, he stays in a villa and secured by his elite guard unit "Las Sombres".
Juan Martinez.jpg
Juan "El Numero" Martinez General, Treasurer Hilltop Housing Martinez is the "eyes and ears" of Los Muertos and because of his "Bangers", he knows what's everything going on in the streets. He lives in the Hillitop Housing complex on La Mugre's southern island, the controlling and vile criminal also holds Los Muertos' expenditures. Martinez puts the gang's abundant unlawful earnings to very effected used when threatened by the hiring the top assassins money can purchase.
Ramon Gonzalez.jpg
Ramon "Pistola" Gonzalez General, Arms Dealer Lighthouse
Rodrigo Alvarez.jpg
Rodrigo "Montana" Alvarez General, Physical Trainer Sportiz Sports Complex
Rafael Diaz.jpg
Rafael "Chuco" Diaz General, Vehicle Supplier Easy Riders Garage
Jose Guerra.jpg
Jose "Tremendo" Guerra General, Chief Drug Lord Guerra's Nightclub Guerra uses his failing nightclub as a front for his trade, which is manufacturing and distributing a powerful and addictive narcotics cocktail. A clever cold-blooded operator, He takes the delivers of the drugs by day and deals to the needy by night. Guerra's operation alone considers to Los Muertos' illegal income.
Violetta Sanchez.jpg
Violetta "Santa Maria" Sanchez General, Head of Recruitment El Castillo Apartments


  • Kokov "Diktat" - Pistols
  • Ingalls MG-60 - Submachine Guns
  • Harlington HMG-90 - Machine Guns
  • Dempsey SO-6 'Stub' - Shotguns
  • Bastion S600 'Long Eye' - Sniper Rifles
  • Watson HE79 "Grenadier" - Grenade/Rocket Launchers
  • Grenade
  • Shrapnel Grenade


  • Modified Hatchback
  • Modified Sportscar
  • Pony Car
  • Muscle Car
  • Modified Saloon
  • Modified Van
  • Slammed Pickup
  • Lowrider