The Lostbelt Olympians are the Greek Lostbelt of the Gods of Olympus and the major antagonists of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. They are the secondary antagonists of Atlantis and Olympus chapters, composed into the two-parted Greek Lostbelt chapters, and the core allies of Kirschtaria Wodime.

In the Proper Human History

In Nasuverse franchise, the Olympians in the Proper Human History are depicted as living machine created by the Titans and seperated from Chaos, who are aliens by nature. They became worshipped by the Greek when they first arrived on Earth after years of wandering, and gradually became gods as a result. They were later defeated by the alien entity known as Sefar the White Colossus when it invaded their realm and ended the Era of Gods. As a result, their mechanical bodies were shattered and their remains had became more human-like, becoming the Gods of Olympus we know today.

After seeing the humanity's efforts of stopping the Sefar, Zeus realized to his relief that the humanity became independent and strong enough to fend off any dangerous threat, so that he and the Olympians decided to leave the stage, thus ending the Age of Gods in Greece.

Although, in the Greek Lostbelt, the Era of Gods had maintained after the Olympians were triumphant over the Sefar, and further upgrading themselves for another 14,000 years.

In the Atlantic Lostbelt


The Greek Lostbelt, also known as the Atlantis Losteblt, diverged in 12000 B.C. around the same time of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, where the Velber arrived in the Solar System and Sefar slaughtered the original God Concepts, the Twelve Pillars, beginning the decline of the Age of Gods. In this Lostbelt, the Olympians defeated the Velber and maintained the Age of Gods intact.

When Zeus decided to expand the Age of Gods to further their reign, Hephaestus, Hades, Athena, Apollo, Hestia, Ares opposed him and got destroyed in the resulting war. Zeus survived alongside Artemis, Poseidon (at the time still active), Demeter, Aphrodite and Hera, and continued to rule the world. They advanced their powers and technology to the point where they redefined the concepts of Gods and fully became machines, with powerful divine nanomachines being used as Authorities.

For instance, Hades was reconstructed into a nanomachine armor wore by Odysseus, who guarded the gate into Mount Olympus, now became a floating mountain attached to its Fantasy Tree named Atlas. Artemis took the form of becoming a gigantic satellite laser cannon with heavy destruction scale. Poseidon was reconstructed into a gigantic submarine similar to a whale.


Later, because of his own siding with humanity during the Fourth War, Poseidon began losing his authority over the sea, and subsquently spawning new forces among it. He eventually became the guard of a black hole leading towards Mount Olympus. One of his core was later stripped by Francis Drake, rendering him into a machine with just a little rationality, rampaging in rage and seeing every enemy as Drake herself.

Currently, Nanomachine Hades vanished after the Chaldea crew defeated Odysseus with the sacrifice of Charlotte Cordette, Artemis was defeated and shot down by a sacrificial attack from Super Orion, and Poseidon was destroyed when the crew had destroyed its remaining cores, but with the price of Iason's sacrifice.


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  • Notably in their respective boss fights, most of the Lostbelt Olympians (Poseidon, Demeter and Aphrodite) all have a brand of "Descendence of True Mechanical God" in their intro, right before their respective names are branded in Greek. Nevertheless, in Zeus' case, it's "Presence of True Mechanical God" instead.
  • The Greek Gods' mechanical form in Nasuverse was first foreshadowed in the background of Artemis & Orion (Phase 3), showing a gigantic space laser launcher similar to Lostbelt Artemis' true form. The monologue of Meltryllis (to Orion & Artemis) also forshadowed the original form of Artemis by showing her surprise that Artemis takes a form so plump and literally in the flesh.
  • This version of Twelve Olympians inclueds Hades, Hestia and Demeter that some versions in the mythology tend to ignore at times. However, it does not include Hermes or Dionysus like most of the versions.
  • Because of Zeus' brainwashing and machinations to other Olympian Gods, most of the surviving members of the Twelve Olympians (in their original forms of the Twelve Machine Gods) has a change in personality or position that is ironic when comparing to their original mythology's counterparts.
    • Demeter became obssessive in searching for her beloved daughter Persephone, whom Demeter was forced to kill off because of Persephone siding with Hades in the Fourth War, thus losing her treasured daughter for the second and final time. This is also an echo to Demeter losing Persephone for the first time when Hades kidnapped her into the Underworld to marry her.
    • Aphrodite lost her ability to love (ironically for a goddess of beauty and love) and thus becoming an arrogant and nigh-emotionless misanthrope. Ironically, the Lostbelt version of Aphrodite does love Hepheastus alone (whilst in the original mythology, she cuckolded him and humiliated him by having love affairs with Ares).
    • Poseidon, the former ruler of ocean, became merely a tool to guard the Big Hole due to him no longer siding with Zeus anymore.
    • After her demise during the war, Hera had some of her fragments constructed upon Europa, courtsey of Zeus who said it was the only way he could dedicate his beloved wife. However, the point is that in the original mythology, Europa is just another lover of Zeus, whom Hera greatly hated as much as Zeus' other lovers.
    • Unlike her mythology counterpart, Lostbelt Artemis never meets Orion due to the gods' elimination of Greek mortal & demigod heroes in the Greek Lostbelt, thus never defrosted from her lonesome and cold personality whilst drifting alone on the Moon's orbit for another 14,000 years.
    • Lostbelt Hades, whose most baleful weapon being his helmet and armor, ended up becoming an armor for Lostbelt Odysseus.
    • Even Zeus himself had fell into irony after he eventually succumbed into Chaos' influence and decided to desert humanity by transporting the entire Olympus into deep space, despite his original claim that he cared about humanity as well as his well intentions beforehand.
  • Later, a spin-off manga depicted Pandora's creation, and it showed the silhoutte of Zeus which appeared mechanical, meaning that the true forms of Greek God in Nasuverse are always mechanical. The formation of Olympus Lostbelt only upgraded them.
  • The Gods of Olympus in the Pan-Human History, unlike their Lostbelt counterparts, are actually allies to humanity and Ritsuka Fujimura, with both Artemis and Apollo being allies to Ritsuka in the Oceanus Singularity and the Atlantis Lostbelt, respectively. In addition, it is stated by Europa that the original Zeus, from the Pan-Human History, actually shows concern over Ritsuka and their adventure to save humanity. Pan-Human History's version of Ares, who is primarily known as Mars, is also present during the Atlantis Lostbelt, first fighting the Lostbelt version of Zeus beside Ritsuka Fujimura and eventually sacrificing himself to prevent Chaos from destroying Earth.
  • In Nasuverse, other Greek Divine Spirits such as Euryale and Astraia are depicted as local deities on Earth. Only the Olympians, Chaos, possibly Uranus and the Titans are depicted as alien mechanical gods.


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