Lothar is the secondary antagonist in the 1991 film The Rocketeer.

He is portrayed by Tiny Ron Taylor.


Lothar is the tall, strong and very intimidating right-hand man of Neville Sinclair, the film's main antagonist. He aids his master in his attempts to obtain the legendary rocket pack, which is being used by Cliff Secord. Lothar is sent to Cliff's house and tries to get Cliff to reveal the location of the rocket pack to him. When the FBI arrive, Lothar is forced to flee but not before taking a detailed diagram of the rocket pack and its workings.

Later, Lothar attempts to capture Cliff after Sinclair traps him in a net. Cliff escapes using the rocket pack and Lothar attempts to shoot him, but is knocked out by Cliff's girlfriend, Jenny Blake. Lothar is seen again when Sinclair drugs Jenny and takes her back to his mansion. Jenny knocks Sinclair out with a flowerpot and explores the mansion, eventually finding a secret room containing proof that Sinclair is a Nazi spy. Sinclair and Lothar suddenly appear and Lothar captures her, causing her to scream.

Lothar is present during the confrontation between Sinclair, Cliff and Eddie Valentine's gang, where Cliff reveals to Eddie that his boss is a Nazi. When Eddie turns on Sinclair, he summons Nazi units hidden nearby to deal with Eddie's gang while he and Lothar take Jenny on board a Zeppelin. Cliff uses the rocket pack to chase after them but is confronted by Lothar on the Zeppelin's roof. Lothar attaches himself to a harness to prevent himself from falling, but Cliff uses the rocket pack to knock Lothar off the edge. Lothar, still attached to the harness, falls and slams into the Zeppelin's windscreen, causing the pilot to fall to his death. Cliff then enters the main cabin and battles Sinclair.

Following Sinclair's death, it is revealed Lothar is still alive. As Cliff and Jenny climb back up to the top of the Zeppelin, Lothar draws a knife and prepares to kill them both. At that moment, the hydrogen inside the Zeppelin ignites due to a fire that was previously caused inside the cabin. A chain of explosions begins to follow the trio and forces them to flee, though Lothar is unable to run far since he is still attached to his harness. With a scream of terror, Lothar is incinerated while Cliff and Jenny are rescued just before the Zeppelin is completely destroyed.


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