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Lotor's Generals are a group of female half-Galra hybrids who originally served under Prince Lotor as his top generals. They consist of Acxa, EzorZethrid and formerly Narti. They are major antagonists in the DreamWorks animated TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender, debuting in season 3.


Being Galra hybrids, their appearances, even their uniforms, are very distinct from a typical Galra. Their uniforms have the same coloring as Lotor's; black, purple, blue and orange, and they also have similar patterns of markings and shoulder pads.



Season 2

Acxa was searching for scaultrite inside of a Weblum and had become trapped. Keith and Hunk were in search of resources within that same creature, and came upon her. Keith freed her and, together, the two fought their way through the Weblum's body's defenses to catch up with Hunk and retrieve their materials. They parted ways almost immediately after. Acxa did not speak a word and she wore the helm and facemask of her armor the entire time, so her identity remained a mystery to Keith and Hunk; in fact, they called her "he."

Season 3

In the gladiatorial arena, Commander Throk was discussing with a follower officer about Emperor Zarkon's poor condition and his son Lotor taking his place, for the time being, not feeling that the Prince would be worthy to take the throne and lead their people. Throk decided he should take command of the Galra, believing he would be supported by the other officers. Lotor then revealed himself as the fighter under the helmet in the arena, much to Throk's shock. Lotor called Throk out from the audience for conspiring against him and then challenged him to a duel for control. Lotor's generals soon revealed themselves to Throk and intimidated him, forcing him to accept the challenge. They watch Lotor defeat the commander and give his speech to the Galra.

Season 4




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Lotor's Generals
Lotor's Generals
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