Lou Janero

Lou Janero in prison.

Lou Janero is one of the antagonists in the 1988 action film The Dead Pool, which is the fifth and final installment of the "Dirty Harry" film series. He is portrayed by actor Anthony Charnota.


Lou Janero was one of the big mob bosses in San Francisco incharge of gambling, bookmaking, and a few other things. Lou Janero was busted by Inspector Harry Callahan for murder. Lou Janero was responsible for the murder of Anthony Cirela, a member of his organisation that was going to testify at his trial. Lou Janero was sent to San Quentin for a long time thanks to the testimony of Inspector Harry Callahan.

Though he was in prison, he had put a hit out on Harry Callahan, which numberous times he failed to kill Harry cause Harry manages to kill the hitmen trying to kill him. Harry goes to the prison and offers Butcher Hicks, a murderer some cigarettes and tells him to stand where he tells him. Harry goes to Janero's cell and tells Janero to call off the hit and Janero thinks it is the "Dead Pool" murders are making him paranoid cause of Harry being on that list. Harry tells Janero he has too much time on his hands and that he is going to give Janero a job. Harry introduces Lou Janero to Butcher Hicks and tells Janero that he is going to be his pen pal and that he will help give Hicks special privileges to Hicks and that Janero's job is to be the mailman cause Harry is going to be mailing letters to Hicks to Janero. Harry tells Janero that if something happens to him and Hicks does not get his letter, Hicks will come to this post office and cancel Janero like a stamp.

Harry walks away and give Hicks his carton of cigarettes and tells Hicks that Janero said that "Cigarettes causes cancer and that anyone who smokes as much as you is one dumb son-of-a-bitch". Hicks looks at Janero and growls and scares Janero.

Later on in the week, Janero sends to men to protect Harry and be his bodyguard.

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