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Louie is a minor and one of the first Antagonists (alongside Dino) in the 2002 video game, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and it's 2020 remake.


Louie is a Soldato of the Morello Crime Family. He is always seen with an unnamed Associate of the Family, carring out the orders he gets from him. Both off them seem to be trusted by Don Morello, through that he assigned them to assasinate 2 high members of the rival Mafia, the Salieri Crime Family, Paulie and Sam. He doesn't need to talk much and also seems to be dumb, but he is a strong opponent, who is willed to carry out orders, no matter how brutal or risky they may be.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Partnered with the Associate, he is seen in the first mission of the game, pursuing down Paulie and Sam in a car chase, which leads to the breakdown of Paulie's and Sam's car. After their opponents forced a cab driver, Tommy Angelo, to drive them, they pursuing them again, just to lose them eventually.

On the next day, Tommy is having a break when Louie and the Associate arrive. The Associate pulls Tommy out of the cab, while ordering Louie to break it. Using his baseball bat, he starts to break the cab, beating Tommy with it in the progress. Tommy makes a run for it, pursued by both of them through multiple alleys, now determined to kill him. Tommy lures them into Salieri's Bar, where they are shot and killed. Their corpses are then put onto a truck, to be disposed of.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

His role is similar in the remake, but with some minor differences. His associate is given the name Dino (who has quite a reputation) and they don't enter Salieri's bar when failing to chase down Tommy. Instead they come across Paulie and Sam who are hanging outside of the bar, who then scare away Lou and Dino with a gun and warn them to leave Tommy alone. Tommy later gets revenge when he goes to Morello's bar and destroys vehicles belonging to Morello's goons, including Dino's and after that they've killed dino and lou on shootout that developed between them.


  • It's unknown why he entered the bar without considering to be killed, because he should have known that is was enemy territory. It's likely that he and his partner didn't realise it in the heat of the battle or that it was just a bad move.
  • Despite being a minor Antagonist, he can be considered as pivotal, through causing Tommy to first help, then join the Mafia.


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