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You f--ked my girl Jason. I can't be letting you get away with that.
~ Louie to Jason while Rob was drowning him.

Louie is the final antagonist of Skins. He appears as the main antagonist in the series final two episodes "Rise: Part 1" and "Rise: Part 2". He was Cook's boss and Charlie's former boyfriend.

He was portrayed by Liam Boyle.


Rise: Part 1

Louie first appears calling Cook telling him to come around to his house and asking him to pick up breakfast for him, when he arrives Louie asks him to drive his girlfriend Charlie around for a few days as she was currently looking for a house and needed somebody to drive her to the locations.

He later appears at a rundown building asking Cook to come around, he takes Cook into an office and the two discuss the houses Charlie was looking at. He then asks Cook if he noticed anything odd about her and when he replies no Louie tells him that he's in love with her and doesn't want Cook to have sex with her he then dismisses Cook and reminds him to come back around tomorrow for the party he's throwing there.

He later appears calling Cook asking him to pick up Charlie and come around to the house which he bought. Once they arrive Louie reveals that he knows that Charlie had sex with one of his friends called Jason and tells his henchman Rob to drown Jason in their swimming pool. When Jason has been drowned Louie looks down at the body and falsely apologizes then orders Cook to remove the body. This leads to Cook, his girlfriend Emma and Charlie running away from Louie since Cook knows that if Louie discovers he and Charlie had sex then he would face the same fate.

Rise: Part 2

Louie was stalking Cook, Emma, and Charlie for the majority of this episode. His first physical appearance was when he finally found Cook, he lied by telling him he had come in peace and even tells him that he was fine about he and Charlie and even says how he found the three, he agrees to talk with Cook about it and reveals himself to Emma and her parents. Cook lies and tells him Charlie had left and after Emma's parents leaves, Charlie came downstairs and Louie greeted her then told her he loved her then was told to leave by Charlie and Cook, seemingly cooperating with the two Louie told her Charlie broke his heart then left.

Cook realized it wasn't safe for them to stay in that location anymore and the three left they began walking then saw the car belonging to Emma's parents but nobody inside with their bags left. Cook realized Louie must have kidnapped Emma's parents and stole her father's gun and the three went into the woods. Cook began investigating by himself and heard two gunshots in the distance confirming that Louie murdered Emma's parents. Cook finds a place they can hide in over the night.

Skins louie

Louie's defeat.

The next morning, they find out that Emma is gone. They find her dangling from a tree with a noose around her neck indicating that she either hung herself or more likely that Louie murdered her by hanging her. Louie is standing by his car with the gun, he aims it towards Cook and Cook asks him that if he kills him to not kill anyone else afterward, Louie shrugs this off and prepares to kill Cook.

He then taunts Louie by telling him every detail about his and Charlie's intercourse and then tricks him into thinking Charlie is behind him, he brutally attacks him, Louie retaliates but Cook later gains the upper hand and almost kills Louie but decides in the end not to do it. Louie laid unconscious on the ground and Cook told him the police would arrive soon and that he could tell them whatever he wanted.

It is unconfirmed what happened to Louie afterward but he was most likely arrested, lied to the police about the true events or regained enough strength to flee the scene of the crime.


On the surface, Louie seems like decent, charismatic and friendly man, however, this is to disguise his true nature. Louie is a short-tempered and homicidal sadist.

Unlike Cook, who actually shows remorse for his murder of John T. Foster (despite the fact that Foster killed Cook's best friend Freddie), Louie completely lacks empathy, remorse, and guilt for the murder of his victims. He appears polite even after murdering someone in cold blood. He is obsessed with Charlie and is furious when she cheats on him, leading him to stalk and follow Charlie and Cook wherever they went.

Louie attempted to be polite to the two upon confronting them, however, Charlie just told him to leave, which he did, however, it was at this point where Louie completely snapped and let out all of his true villainy and murderous tendencies, by killing Emma's parents, Rob and Emma herself, he was going to kill Cook and Charlie. However, after being defeated by Cook, there was nothing he could do to complete his goals.



Then why are you f-cking one of my mates then?
~ Louie to Charlie after finding out she had sex with Jason.
Yeah I know, It's f-cked up in' it?
~ Louie to Charlie while Rob was drowning Jason right in front of them.
Never thought I'd see this. You begging for your life Cooko?
~ Louie to Cook before trying to kill him.


  • Louie is one of the vilest and evil villains from the Skins series, second to only Dr. Foster.
  • It is debatable if Louie is purely evil or not.


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