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Louie LaRusso Jr. is the cousin of Daniel LaRusso and a supporting character in Season 1 of Cobra Kai.


Coming from New Jersey, Louie was hired by Daniel at LaRusso Auto Group so he could move out to Los Angeles and because he was a part of their family.

When Daniel hired Robby Keene at the dealership, Louie began playing pranks on him, such as trying to get him to drive out the display cars and tricking him into delivering a packet of pornographic magazines to Daniel by telling him it was the business audit.

After hearing that Johnny Lawrence had started back up Cobra Kai, Louie got some of his biker friends together and went to confront Johnny at his apartment. Louie and his gang smashed the windows in on Johnny's car, causing Johnny to come out and start beating them up. After one of Louie's bikers set the car on fire, Johnny demanded Louie give up Daniel's residence, to which Louie cowardly did.

After hearing from Johnny what Louie had done, Daniel fired Louie and allowed Johnny to select a car from his dealership for free to replace the one Louie had destroyed.

He was later rehired in LaRusso Auto Group, and this time he showed to be kinder and more hardworking. Due to his skills on accountancy, he noticed there was a stolen car and informed Daniel and Amanda of it.


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