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~ Louis Seagram
You know guilt is a funny thing, Alex. It haunts as real as any ghost.
~ Louis Seagram to Alex Grant.
Don't be hasty. You wouldn't hurt a clown, would ya? Hahahaha!
~ Louis the Clown

Louis Seagram (also known as Louie the Clown) is a murderous carnival clown and the main antagonist of the 1998 remake of the 1962 supernatural thriller Carnival of Souls.

He was portrayed by comedian/actor Larry Miller.


Louis Seagram worked at a carnival as a performing clown for years.

20 years ago in 1977, he met the young girl Alexendria "Alex" Grant who was with her little sister Sandra and their mother that night. At first, he seems awfully nice and playful. He danced around her after he asked her "would you join the dance?" and she answered "yes". They took a photo of themselves later with smiles. Later that day on January 24, when Alex was alone, she witnessed the assault and rape of her mother by the same carnival clown, Louis. He then killed her when she stopped him from trying to hurt her daughter, and he disappeared but was later arrested by the police due to her testimony that put him away.

Into the Carnival of Souls

Twenty years later, Alex fears for her life, worrying that Louis might come after her and her younger sister. One day Louis returns after being released from prison for murdering Alex's mother and tries to kill Alex. Alex, after their arrival outside the old funhouse at the site of the same carnival where they first met, drives the car that she and Louis are in as they both fall into the river.

Alex alone survived,and she begins to have hallucinations and lose her mind as she is now plagued by nightmarish visions of Louis Seagram and the same carnival where she met him. She is then drawn into a ghoulish and deadly game of cat and mouse with Seagram at the carnival. Later, she returns to the same haunting carnival and is alone with Louis as he tells her that she was dead before he tries to rape and kill her, but she pulls out a handgun and shoots him.

In the final scene, the car is finally located and pulled from the river. Alex's body is in the front seat and Louis' body was in the back.