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Lovrina is a antagonist in the videogame Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. She is one of the Cipher Admins. 


As the scientist in charge of the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory, her job was to fine-tune the process that turns Pokémon into Shadow Pokémon so that XD001 would resist all purification techniques. To assist her in this end, she kidnaps professor Krane and attempts to force him to help her. He refuses, and Michael defeats her and her Shadow Delcatty, forcing Lovrina to flee and abandon the Shadow Pokémon Laboratory.

Final Battle

She appears later on Citadark Isle, claiming that she had perfected XD001 and made it impossible to purify. During her encounter here, she has a Shadow Altaria and Farfetch'd.


She made one final appearance at the Orre Colosseum. Upon defeat, she befriends Michael, writing in a letter how cool he is and appointing him Lovrina Fan Club Member #1.


Lovrina acts as a stereotypical teenage girl, she is hyperactive and is very narcissistic. Though in spite of her appearance, she does have a nasty temper when things don't go her way, in fact some grunts referred to her as "scary" whenever that happens.

Lovrina (true to her stereotypical nature) prefers pokemon she thinks is cute, and her Shadow team consists of Altaria, Delcatty, and Farfetch'd.




  • She is one of the two female antagonists in the Orre series (the other being Lady Venus).


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