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Acting like I'm the villain, when all I do is fight for this family. You don't like how it's going? You scared to take the risk? Too bad. We're on the ride now, and we can't get off till the roller coaster stops!
~ Loy's most famous quote

Loy Cannon is the main protagonist in Season 4 of the FX series Fargo. He is the leader of a Black crime family in Kansas City, Missouri in 1950 who is battling against an Italian-American mob family for control of the city.

He is portrayed by actor/comedian Chris Rock in his first villainous role.


Early life

In 1944, Loy, his family and his mob, Cannon crime syndicate, arrived in Missouri and made a pact with the Fadda Family, the area's previous leaders, following the region's traditions. As a part of the families pact, which involved the leaders of both sides exchanging their own son, Loy sent his son Satchel to live with the Faddas, and in exchange, Zero Fadda - son of Donatello Fadda - began to live with him.

On October 5, 1944, Loy was arrested for racketeering. Later after his release, Loy met Donatello and inquired about the health of his son. They arranged for each child to be allowed to see their birth family.




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