Luanne LeSeur is the main antagonist of the 1997 Disney movie Mr. Magoo based on the classic Mr. Magoo cartoons.

She was portrayed by Kelly Lynch.


Luanne and Bob Morgan are hired by Bob's boss Austin Cloquet to steal a ruby called "The Star of Kuristan" from a museum. Austin also tells Bob to watch Luanne like a hawk. She then picks a fight with Bob which causes them to lose the ruby which lands in Mr. Magoo's boat.

She then goes to the opera pretending to be a magazine reporter and undercover FBI agent named Prunella Pagliachi and meet Mr.Magoo who takes a liking to her. She tricks him into taking her into his home with an injured ankle. Bob sneaks in the home and finds the ruby. He then steals Mr. Magoo's prized Studebaker with Mr. Magoo, his nephew Waldo and Luanne chasing him in Mr. Magoo's Eggplant mobile.

Bob loses them and gives the ruby to Austin who is planning to show it to his friends in an auction. Luanne ruins the auction, steals the ruby and gets away on a snowmobile. Later Waldo sees Luanne disguised as an old woman, Mr. Magoo's dog Angus causes her to spill her purse leaving the Magoos a clue that she's going to Brazil to give the ruby to Ortega Peru.

Mr. Magoo steals the ruby from Peru and gets chased by Luanne, Peru's men and the government agents. Later Luanne, Peru and his men get arrested.


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