Luc Carrère is a minor villain in Artemis Fowl:The Arctic Incident. He is used by Briar Cudgeon to smuggle batteries to the fairies to power illegal laser guns. Alhough he is minor, he has a major impact on the series, as he is the impetus for Artemis joining forces with the fairies, and therefore Artemis's redemption.


Luc was an incompetent PI in France, Even among other PIs, he was considered a joke. Briar Cudgeon needed a human to smuggle batteries to him to power illegal laser guns which he could use against the LEP when he would shut down the power source of all other guns. He decided to use Luc, as Luc was stupid and easily manipulated, and Luc knew how to smuggle contraband. Luc was hypnotized using the mesmer,

Luc would deliver stolen batteries to Cudgeon, who would pay him in counterfeit bills. Eventually, the LEP tracked the batteries to him. Despite their past conflicts, Root and Holly decided to ask Artemis and Butler to help, as it would be easier to use humans to track down a human.

Cudgeon knew the LEP were coming, and sent Luc a gun, with instructions to shoot whoever came asking about the batteries, although he told Luc the gun was a camera. When Butler came, Luc shot him, but Butler was able to contain the blast. Butler questioned him and learned that Luc didn't know anything about the fairies or the goblin rebellion. Butler left Luc to be arrested by the French police for possession of counterfeit bills.


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