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Luca Brasi is a supporting antagonist of the 2019 sci-fi film Men in Black: International. He is an extraterrestrial mobster who served as the former right-hand man of weapons dealer Riza Stavros.

He was portrayed by Spencer Wilding who previously portrayed Grand Marshal Skaldak in the Doctor Who episode "Cold War", one of the White Walkers in Games of Thrones and Darth Vader in Rogue One.


Luca first appeared as a tiny alien hiding away from several MIB agents in 1996. He took refuge in a Brooklyn apartment, where he is spotted by a little girl named Molly Wright, who helped Luca escape while witnessing her parents being neuralyzed by the agents.

Because of this event, Luca felt grateful towards Molly and worked his way in the criminal underworld for the next 23 years, eventually growing himself up to become the second-in-command of Riza in selling alien weapons on the black market.

Following Molly's new job as a MIB agent called Agent M and being tasked with her partner Agent H, they were told of a certain crystal given by Vungus the Ugly (who was killed by the Twins on the orders of High-T) that is actually a weapon powered by a compressed blue giant. However, H's alien contact stole the weapon and delivered it to Riza, who intends to sell it on the black market for a good fortune.

Heading over Riza's island fortress, both agents (along with their new alien friend Pawny) managed to take down Riza's men and attempted to infiltrate the base and recover the weapon, but they are caught by Riza and Luca. While Riza was able to take down Agent M, Luca managed to take down Agent H. However, Agent M recognized Luca as the same alien that she rescued before and revealed her identity to him. Realizing the truth and that he owed Agent M a favor, Luca gratefully returns the favor by holding Riza at gunpoint while allowing H, M and Pawny to escape with the weapon, much to Riza's dismay.

It is unknown what has happened to Luca afterwards, as he was not seen or heard from again following the deaths of High-T and the Twins.


  • His name and occupation is a homage to the original Luca Brasi that appeared in the Godfather series.


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