Terrific, garanimals for grown-ups.
~ Lucas to Hanna

Lucas Gottesman is a recurring character in the Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars. He is an on and off antagonist in the series.

Lucas is revealed to be a member of the A-Team and later becomes Mona's second in command in her army.

He was portrayed by Brendan Robinson.


In Season 2, while Mona Vanderwaal/"A" is off riding horses with Hanna, "A" comes in and massages Emily, leaving the Liars confused as to who performed this deed if not Mona.

In Season 3, while the Liars are in the school basement, "A" appears and runs out, leaving a note behind. However, Hanna recognizes that the shoes belong to Lucas and confronts him. He claims that Mona has been blackmailing him to help her ever since the Masquerade Ball in the Season 2 finale.

In Season 4, however, Mona reveals that Lucas actually was the "A" who gave Emily a massage.

In Season 5, Lucas joins Mona's army as her chief helper.


  • Lucas claims to have been blackmailed since the Masquerade Ball, however, the massage he gave Emily occurred prior, leaving the question of if he was blackmailed for this.
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