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Mason says I always get mad too hard.
~ Lucas Turner's most famous line.

Lucas Turner is the secondary antagonist of the Criminal Minds two-part episode "To Hell and Back". He is a mentally handicapped serial killer who murders people at the command of his quadriplegic brother Mason, who wants to use their stem cells to cure his paralysis.

He was portrayed by Paul Rae.


Early life

Lucas is the youngest of two sons of a pig farmer in rural Ontario. He is autistic and mentally handicapped, and his parents kept him on the farm for fear of people in the outside world hurting and taking advantage of him. His and Mason's father built an underground fort for his sons, where they spent most of their time as children.

Years later, when Mason went away to medical school, Lucas looked after the farm and his parents, who eventually died. When Mason graduated, he returned home and decided to sell the family farm. Angered by Mason's attempt to take away the only world he knows, Lucas pushed his brother off the loft of the barn, breaking his neck and rendering him a quadriplegic. Afterward, Lucas waited on his brother hand and foot, and followed his orders to steal medical supplies for him from pharmacies in the area.

Desperate to cure his paralysis, Mason ordered Lucas to kidnap and murder as many transients as possible so Mason could attempt to harvest and experiment upon their stem cells. Fearful of his brother and feeling guilty for paralyzing him, Lucas did as he was told, following Mason's instructions, which he gave from his bed via a two-way radio.

After Mason harvested their victims, Lucas fed their remains to the pigs. By the time of the episode, Lucas had murdered 89 people.

"To Hell and Back Part I"

Lucas is first seen in Detroit picking up a homeless man in his van; following Mason's instructions, he had posed as a drug dealer to lure homeless people and prostitutes in to be murdered. He takes the man back to the farm, kills him, and extracts a white fluid from his neck with a syringe before dismembering the corpse and feeding it to the pigs. Soon afterward, Lucas kidnaps prostitute Kelly Shane and drives her across the Canadian border.

Meanwhile, the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) starts investigating the kidnapping and murder of several homeless people in Canada. They theorize that the killer is using the old Underground Railroad to transport his victims over the border. After they identify the killer's car and find that it belongs to Mason, they head over to the Turners' farm, where they find Lucas presenting Kelly to Mason. When he sees the BAU approaching the house with guns drawn, Lucas panics and runs away, carrying Kelly over his shoulder.

"To Hell and Back Part II"

Lucas takes Kelly to the underground fort, and when she tries to run away, he grabs her again and restrains her. When Kelly falls asleep, Lucas sits down beside her and begins hyperventilating, overwhelmed by guilt and fear. He attempts to calm down by drawing with crayons, a pastime he has enjoyed since childhood. When Kelly wakes, she begs Lucas to take her to the hospital, but Lucas refuses, insisting that they stay and wait for Mason to call him on his cell phone and tell him what to do. Kelly says that there would be no cell phone reception underground, which so angers Lucas that he hits her. Kelly, who suffered severe parental abuse as a child, screams, "Mommy, please!", which gains Lucas' sympathy; suddenly friendly, he asks her name, and brings her wild berries when she asks for food.

Kelly asks Lucas to take her outside so can urinate, and kisses him on the cheek as she goes behind the bushes. She then runs away and takes Lucas' phone to call 9-11, but finds that it is restricted to just one number: Mason's. She calls it anyway, and BAU technical analyst Penelope Garcia, who has been remotely tracking the cell phone number on Mason's laptop, answers, and tells Kelly that help is on the way.

Lucas hears Kelly talking and tries drag her back to the fort, but she fights back. Just as he is about to hit her again, BAU agent Aaron Hotchner puts himself in front of her, his weapon drawn. Lucas collapses to the ground, sobbing as he confesses to paralyzing Mason. As Hotchner leads Kelly to safety, a team of FBI agents rush in to arrest Lucas. When he reacts with panic, they shoot him dead over Hotchner's orders to hold their fire.

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