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Villain Overview

I am your ordained ruler with absolute power over your very existence. You will serve me as you were born to do. You will give me my every desire, even yourself.
~ Lucemon
Out of chaos, I bring order.
~ Lucemon as Lucemon Chaos Mode.
You will not stand in the way of my utopia! Prepare for paradise!
~ Lucemon as Lucemon Larva.
You must choose to follow me or be destroyed.
~ Lucemon broadcasting his cryptic message to the real world.

Lucemon is the main antagonist of the Digimon anime Digimon Frontier, as well as a major antagonist in Digimon Fusion. His name and character is based on Lucifer, more commonly known as The Devil/Satan/Lucifer within the beliefs of Abrahamic religions. He is a former angelic Digimon that lead a rebellion against the being called "God" and was cast away and sealed within the Dark Area.


As Lucemon

In this form, Lucemon is a Rookie Level Digimon. He resembles an angel with light blond hair, light blue eyes, golden rings on his arms and legs and the appearance of a young boy. He has purple spottings on his left side of his body that looked like ancient tattoos. Lucemon also has three other forms: Lucemon Chaos Mode, Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, and Lucemon Larva Mode.

As Lucemon Chaos Mode

In this form, Lucemon is an Ultimate Level Digimon. He now has the appearance of an effeminate young man with vampiric facial traits, long golden hair, and five white angel wings on his right flank and five black bat wings on the left.

As Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

In this form, Lucemon is a Mega Level Digimon. Lucemon has now taken the form of a giant demonic dragon. Lucemon has a total of ten giant dragon wings, wears a golden mask on his face, and always carries a giant black orb of dark energy that contains his true form.

As Lucemon Larva Mode

In this form which is his true form, Lucemon is a Mega Level Digimon whose appearance resembles an angelic larva with a total of 12 gold feathered wings, and a ring on his tail.


Digimon Frontier

The tyrannical Lucemon returns.

Lucemon was the final antagonist in the TV show Digimon Frontier. According to Bokomon, there was a great war between Human Digimon and Animal Digimon. The war was never ending until Lucemon showed up and brought peace to both Digimon species. There was peace for a while until Lucemon was corrupted and obsessed with his own power and tried to destroy the world and recreated it in his own image. He would have succeeded in his plans until the 10 Legendary Warriors defeated Lucemon and trapped him in the Dark Area within the Digital World's core.

Years later, Lucemon corrupted Cherubimon, causing him to steal and corrupt five of the spirit warriors, also corrupted the Spirits of Darkness, creating Duskmon. He also creating an army of beast-type Digimon to attack Seraphimon's Castle, and kidnaps Ophanimon.

After Cherubimon was defeated by EmperorGreymon, Lucemon summons his two Royal Knights; Dynasmon, and Crusadermon to absorb the rest of the data from the Digital World so he could be free from his prison. After they accomplished their mission, Lucemon was free, and banishes Takuya and the others to the moon of the Digital World.

Lucemon in Chaos Mode.

An image of Lucemon appears on Earth's electronic communications (phones, monitors, tvs, etc - while he is still in the Digital World).

Lucemon then talks to his Royal Knights about giving them the key to the Real World if they defeat the Digidestined. But the Royal Knights finally met their match against EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon and were defeated by them. Just as they were about to purify the knights’ data, Lucemon unexpectedly arrives and attacks EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon and kills his two knights for their failure. Doing so, Lucemon absorbs their data and transforms into his Chaos Mode form. In this form, Lucemon was even stronger and he easily defeats EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, then attempts to continue on with his plans. Lucemon then went to the Dark Area and created a portal to the Human World while the image of Lucemon himself appears on all of Earth's electronic communications (phones, monitors, tvs, etc.). As Lucemon does this, he was interrupted by the Six Legendary Warriors, who arrived in the Dark Area to confront him. The six warriors fought Lucemon, but he was very powerful and deflected every single attack from them. Lucemon tries to kill Takuya and the others with his Ultimate Sacrifice attack, but Koichi nobly sacrifices himself to save his friends, giving his brother Koji his spirits. Lucemon absorbed Kouichi's soul and data, leaving Koji grieving over the loss of his brother, thus struggling to control the dark. Takuya, now fumed by rage, caused him and Koji to Ancient Spirit-Evolve into the powerful warrior, Susanoomon for the first time to confront Lucemon.

Even though Susanoomon was powerful, Lucemon was still able to attack him, and used his Ultimate Sacrifice attack on Susanoomon in an attempt to destroy him. But fortunately, Koji and Takuya survived Lucemon's attack, and reverted back to Susanoomon. Susanoomon used his Celestial Blade attack, cutting through the Dark Area as well as defeating Lucemon. Susanoomon purifies Lucemon, but his spirit lived on, leaving only the evil data. As the Dark Area vanishes, it absorbs the evil data Digi-Egg for Lucemon to be reborn in his Shadowlord Mode form. He then goes to the Human World as the world's electronic communications suddenly recieves Lucemon's cryptic message that reads "you must choose to follow me or be destroyed", and the heroes try to stop him, but were still no match. Suddenly the 10 Legendary Warriors emerged, and the spirits of the Celestial Digimon told Takuya and his friends that the only way to defeat Lucemon for good was destroying his true form.

Inside the Shadowlord's black orb was Lucemon's true form; Lucemon Larva Mode. After Susanoomon broke the black orb, the dragon Lucemon went out of control on a mindless rampage. Susanoomon managed to pin the dragon down with his Heaven's Exposure attack and sliced through the dragon Lucemon's body with his Celestial Blade, killing him. The larva Lucemon then attacked Susanoomon, but Susanoomon split into the 10 Legendary Warriors and used the Orochi sword each and completely destroyed Lucemon forever.

Digimon Fusion

Of course. I don't need the Code Crown anymore... now that I have this power!
~ Lucemon's last words before digivolving into his Wild Mode. He does not speak again before being destroyed by Shoutmon X5.

Lucemon appeared as a noble hero turned mad villain and one of the characters in Digimon Fusion (Xros Wars in the Japanese version).

Lucemon is the subordinate of Laylamon at the Sky Zone. Lucemon Chaos Mode assumes his shape and poses as a citizen of the Heaven Zone, campaigning to be elected the next president to embrace love and mercy as a policy to deal with the policy of extreme justice GuardiAngemon. After defending the Fusion Fighters and after being attack Gargoylemon, Lucemon shows the group the Area. When Fusion Fighter is captured and sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit minor, Lucemon pleads for clemency to both them and the real culprit, Cupimon. By showing mercy and help for all citizens to speak for themselves, Lucemon get popular support, which makes him the president of the Heaven Zone. However, as soon as is crowned, he returns to his true form and rips the zone in two, revealing the temple that holds the Code Crown and a giant sphere of darkness.

Although Shoutmon X4B and Shakkoumon are able to defeat Lucemon and retrieve the Code Crown, he survives and kidnaps Nene, who had been diverting the dark power to AxeKnightmon, used it to their advantage. However, Lucemon absorbs too much dark energy, transformed against his will into Lucemon Shadowlord Mode. After imprisoning Nene into the Dark Area through the orb Gehenna which is a source of greater darkness, a crazed Lucemon later absorbs huge amounts of negative energy from the citizens, and the data of all of the Sky Zone. After Shoutmon X4 manages to break the Gehenna, Sparrowmon immersed in it to save Nene. He is finally defeated by Shoutmon X5. It is in this period when DarkKnightmon failed to obtain the remaining negative energy.

Lucemon’s minions (in Digimon Frontier)

  • Cherubimon (defeated in episode 37 by EmperorGreymon)
  • Dynasmon (defeated by EmperorGreymon, and killed by Lucemon for failure in episode 47)
  • Crusadermon (defeated by MagnaGarurumon, and killed by Lucemon for failure in episode 47)
  • SkullSatamon (defeated by EmperorGreymon in episode 43)

Digimon World Data Squad

Lucemon is the true antagonist in Digimon World Data Squad. He is the leader of Seven Great Demon Lords and the final boss. He was created by the Code Key of Pride and a person filled with pride.

Digimon World DS


Lucemon Chaos Mode, is the leader of the Seven Great Demon Lords in the quest that can be taken after the player finishes the game. He represents the sin of pride.

Digimon World Dawn & Dusk

He can be obtained throught the DNA Digivolution of Devimon and Angemon. They have to be at level 40 or higher and hs to have 50 Aptitude and at least 12,000 Species EXP.

Powers and Abilities


Lucemon is a powerful Rookie Digimon. He can fire a cross to blast away his opponents.

As Chaos Mode, he manipulates both light and darkness. He can fire two orbs and trap his opponents in a ball, and the victim is either destroyed or badly injured. He is also a skilled fighter, and can rapidly punch at his opponents.

As Shadowlord Mode, he can breathe fire just like a medieval dragon and fire seven energy blasts from the symbols on his wings.

As Larva Mode, he can manipulate the Shadowlord Mode like a puppet, and shoot arrows from his stinger.

Other Forms

Lucemon is one of the few Digimon that can change his appearance and yet still be called the same Digimon.

Lucemon Chaos Mode

Lucemon Chaos Mode

Lucemon Chaos Mode (also called Lucemon Falldown Mode) is the Ultimate Level form of Lucemon, a powerful fallen angel with the appearance of a matured teenager. He controls both light and darkness. He has a pair of angel wings on the right side of his body, golden hair, and a pair of demon wings on the left side of the body. Lucemon is the most powerful fallen angel type Digimon than his original form. After Kouchi was deleted by Lucemon, Takuya and Koji combined their strength to become the mighty Susanoomon. Lucemon easily put up a fight with Susanoomon, but in the end was defeated by Susanoomon. Paradise Lost Punch: First, he attacks with a shower of punches at his foe, then he kicks them high in the air, and finally he brings the foe down for a grand slam.

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode (also called Lucemon Satan Mode) is the powerful Mega Level Digimon that resembles an 8-winged demonic dragon, carrying a large black orb made of dark energy at all times. In this mode, Lucemon is very vicious and extremely dangerous. Its attack Tide of Despair exhales flames of destruction that purify and erases everything in its path, and its another attack "Annihilattion Maelstrom" unleashes a fiery light of annihilation from the seven magic crown symbols above its wings.

Lucemon Larva

Lucemon in his seemingly-angelic Larva form.

Lucemon Larva is the true form of Lucemon, appeared as a larva-like creature with 6 pairs of feathered gold wings and a short sting-like tail. He controls his Shadowlord Mode as a puppet. When Susanoomon knocks Larva Mode out of the crystal ball, it shatters and the dragon loses control. After his Shadowlord Mode form is destroyed, he is finally killed for good when the 10 legendary warriors each attack him with a sword, being released from Susanoomon.

Lucemon's enemies

  • Susanoomon

    Susanoomon (Digimon Frontier only).
  • The Fusion Fighters (Digimon Fusion only).


An Angel type Digimon which took on the form of a child; he is said to have descended into the ancient Digital World long ago. He appeared at a time where the Digital World was still new and disordered, and it is recorded that he brought peace and order to this world. But there also came a dark age brought on by the treacherous and manipulative Lucemon after this happened, and a mighty 'Rebellion' broke out. He has power and intelligence contrary to his child-like form, but enough to surpass even that of Ultimate-leveled Digimon. It is said that, at this moment, Lucemon's abilities have been divided and inherited by the Three Great Angels. His special attack is "Grand Cross", which creates 10 super-hot photospheres, aligned in the shape of a cross and positioned like the planets in our Solar System. This attack's power surpasses even Seraphimon's "Strike of the Seven Stars" attack.


As Lucemon

  • Grand Cross: Fires ten super-heated spheres of light arranged in a cruciform syzygy, a technique more powerful than Seraphimon's "Strike of the Seven Stars".
  • Divine Feet

As Lucemon Chaos Mode

  • Paradise Lost Punch (Paradise Lost): Launches the opponent high into the air with a wild dance of blows, then holds their limbs fixed as it drives them back into the ground.
  • Ultimate Sacrifice (Dead or Alive): Produces a three-dimensional magic square as a glowing orb of Light and Darkness and traps the opponent within this orb, which has a 50/50 chance of either completely annihilating them, or merely inflicting massive damage.
  • Deadly Roll
  • Terrible Dance
  • Blistering Orb: (Used in Digimon Fusion only) Produces two huge fireballs and fires them at his opponent.

As Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

  • Tide of Despair (Purgatorial Flame): Exhales flames of destruction which purify everything.
  • Nihilism Maelstrom (Divine Atonement): Fires a light of annihilation from the seven Crowns.
  • Dimension Slasher: Slashes enemies with sharp claws that can pierce dimensional walls.
  • Wrath of Darkness (Wrath of Satan): Uses the orb Gehenna to emit a ray of destruction.


Part 1

Cherubimon, you pitiful fool. You failed me. No matter. As long as I have the data you collected, my resurrection will soon be complete. Rise up, my Royal Knights. It is now up to you.
~ Lucemon as he summons Dynasmon and Crusadermon.
Ah, yes. My strength is growing. It won't be long now.
~ Lucemon
it is done as it was to be.
~ Lucemon
A toy? That's exactly what it is. But I was born with the old one. I think I'll create a new Digital World, a better one, my own.
~ Lucemon about the Digital World.
Ha! You're nothing but children yourselves.
~ Lucemon to the Digidestined.
I don't wanna play with you wealkings anymore and you're no fun.
~ Lucemon
Goody-good crybabies. Begone!
~ Lucemon
Such lack of trust would surely poison my faith in you.
~ Lucemon
Now I'll absorb the Knights' data and become unstoppable.
~ Lucemon before absorbing Dynasmon and Crusadermon's data to become his Chaos Mode.
I want you to understand every living creature in this world is precious to me.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode, self-proclaimed ruler of the Digital World.
How can you think it is a lie, young human? It was difficult to put these poor Knights out of their misery. but for their eternal happiness, I had to.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode to Zoe about his 2 Royal Knights.
I couldn't have them live a life in pain and they didn't accept my loving rules of life.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode about the demise of both Crusadermon and Dynasmon.
Most of you can't control yourselves, so I'm here to help you
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
Without a loving being to shepherd, this new world order I'm creating could become chaos.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
I'm inviting all of you to share in my view of paradise.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
it is frustrating to reason with beasts like you who only think of themselves and never consider the common good.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
Now I ask you to join me and share the vision I have for all of us.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
You need me for only I have the wisdom to command this utopia.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
That's too bad. I have hoped you'd hear me out with an open mind. You've made a mistake.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
My utopia won't have room for upstarts like you.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
You cannot survive. To create my paradise, all you humans and Digimon must be exterminated. But don't fret, I will give you eternal happiness. Since you won't accept me as your master, I have no choice to wipe the slate clean.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode to the Digidestined and their Digimon friends.
You both look surprised. Did you really think that would work against me?
~ Lucemon, to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.
You are foolish, but I will show you love.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
Experience my benevolent compassion.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
Beautiful order. My order.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
This will be even more satisfying that I expected. Look at the little insects, pretending like they matter... Soon they will learn the folly of their false beliefs... they will taste the sweetness of utter oblivion.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode, about the real world.
Please. How very tedious. What are you doing still alive? Ah well, it might be nice to have an audience for my next performance. No? You're not actually going to stop me, are you? How amusing.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode to the Digidestined.
Oh very well, if you insists. My entrance into your world would be even more impressive if I use each of you as my stepping stones.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode to the Digidestined.
Although your pathetic struggle amused me, you will never defeat me. Shall I show you the reason why?
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode to the Digidestined.
Light and darkness appear to be opposites. Never together at the same place at the same time. Imagine what if it would take to bring them together. But you don't have to imagine. Allow me the pleasure of showing you, shall I? It's just too bad. You won't survive the experience.
~ Lucemon
It is now time for you return to nothingness, so you can reborn into my world.
~ Lucemon
I hope you'd enjoy oblivion because it is the last thing you will ever experience.
~ Lucemon
Oh, yes. I was imprisoned in the Dark Area for far too long! The hate! The bitterness! I've taken all of it and added it to my powers. I'm beyond the Lucemon I was before.
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode
I really must congratulate you. You own the spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Too bad I cannot allow a being with all that power to exist in my world. Say good-bye!
~ Lucemon Chaos Mode, to Susanoomon.
Those pesky children... won't give up. I was so close... to my goal.
~ Lucemon after being defeated by the Digidestined.
If I'm defeated, I'll take you with me!
~ Lucemon Larva, attempting to destroy Susanoomon with himself.
No! It's impossible!!!
~ Lucemon's last words.


  • The golden rings Lucemon himself wears on each of his arms and legs are Holy Rings, and has the symbol of the Digital Hazard on both dorsal sides of his hands among his ancient tattoos.
  • His design appears to be heavily based on Ryo Asuka/Satan from Devilman.
  • His name is inspired by Lucifer, who is representing pride, one of the seven deadly sins.
  • He is less evil in Digimon Fusion than he is in Digimon Frontier, though he’s still a major villain.
  • In Digimon Frontier, he is voiced by Kumiko Nishihara (only in Rookie) in Japanese and Mona Marshall (who also voices Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi from Digimon Adventure) in English. While his Falldown Mode and Satan Mode in Japanese were voiced by Ryusei Nakao, who also played Frieza from Dragon Ball.
  • In Digimon Fusion, he is voiced by Taiki Matsuno (who also voices Agumon in Digimon Data Squad and MoriShellmon in Digimon Ghost Game) in Japanese and Michael Sinterniklaas in English.

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