We are true seekers of knowledge, you and I!
~ Lucia's famous quote towards Cyrus.

Lucia is the main antagonist of Cyrus' story in Octopath Traveller.


15 years before the events of the game, Lucia met Lyblac, planning to make Yvon control the Atlasdam Royal Academy as the headmaster to be able to obtain to a special tome, known as the From the Far Reaches of Hell. Convincing Yvon to kill the current headmaster to take control, Lucia planned to get rid of him and continue viewing the unholy book after he unlocked its abilities.

After becoming the new headmaster, Yvon begins to use dark magic and stealing knowledge from other places, killing those who are in the way. When Yvon reprimands Cyrus and sends on a break due to false rumors about an affair with Princess Mary,  Lucia is present. 

Later, she meets the powerful mage named Gideon. Both Lucia and Yvon ask him to use his magic to create Blood Stones. Lucia gives Gideon the plans how to make them by stealing innocent people and then starving them and draining them of blood until they die. On Cyrus's adventure, she follows the man to Stonegard, informing him of Yvon's scheme to use the tome for evil. She helps him to go to his birthplace, only to knock him out and imprison him. Before leaving, she gives a blood crystal to Yvon, knowing that its flawed condition would kill him.

Later appearing in the Ruins of Eld, she hoards a myriad of priceless tomes and magical books to conduct her evil studies in secret. Later confronted by Cyrus who deduced her to be the main culprit, she pridefully tells the details on her plots to try to have Cyrus join her to no avail, as Lucia wants to use the magic for herself and Cyrus for to help others. Then, Lucia uses a blood crystal to transform into a hideous form to kill Cyrus, which fails as he defeats her and her Blood Stone destroying her.


Lucia is seen as an extremely smart individual who has an overwhelming desire for more knowledge. But in reality, she doesn't want to share her research and believes that lives are disposable.