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Maybe you need the sun, but to us, it's just a nuisance, you see dear... we love darkness.
~ Lucifer to Bulma about he and his monsters' hatred towards the sun and love for darkness.

Lucifer is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle. He is a Vampire and a Demon King. His goal was to wipe out the sun and put the world in total Darkness.

He was voiced by the late Nachi Nozawa and currently by Katsuji Mori in the Japanese version, and by Mike McFarland in the English version.

Role in the Movie

In the movie, Lucifer had stolen a jewel, The Sleeping Princess, which had the ability to channel energy from the full moon.

He had done this for several years as well. He planned to use enough energy to destroy the sun to live forever.

Eventually though, Goku and his friends had managed to defeat him by using it against him and destroy him for good.


He dresses formally, complete with a bowtie and large necklace. He has blue skin, and Dark purple hair with a hair style that looks similar to Goku's. Lucifer also has two states. His first state is a very handsome man with large red irises, and the other is his Vampiric state where he has pinpoint pupils, large fangs, sunken cheeks and a hooked nose. He wears sunglasses during daytime.


It seems we have visitors Igor, send out the welcoming party. (Igor: Yes boss.) perhaps we'll be serving the ceremony after all *chuckles*.
~ Lucifer sensing the Dragon Team's arrival.

Don't be alarmed, he's quite harmless. (Bulma: Hey, where am i? and who are you?) Forgive me please, my name is Count Lucifer, here have some.
~ Lucifer introducing himself to Bulma as he offers her tea.

It seems you had a run in with castle security. (Bulma: Huh? oh yeah that's right! you attacked.) I did not. (Bulma: Well maybe you did'nt, but you're goon squad did! they tried to kill us, nearly did!) *laughs* Don't be silly, they wouldn't, they're just a little over-protected that's all. Would you be here in this comfortable room if we wanted you dead? (Bulma: I guess not, well, though you're right. So can i see my friends now?) Why, of course. *snaps fingers* (Igor: Right *gets a giant needle*.) So, may i give you a hand?
~ Lucifer

Yes, Igor is responsible for the broke decor of the castle. (Bulma: Well they certainly did a great job, it's super!) My castle's been hosting many magnificent guests, but i count you among the most "beautiful". (Bulma: Oh my goodness, count! you're making me blush!) (Igor: That is where you're blood is rushing to your head.) (Bulma: That's so unromantic.) Forgive Igor, he considers himself to be a scientist. "A blood expert" you might say. Now, we are here... please come.
~ Lucifer walking with Bulma and Igor in the hallway.

Silence! silence please, we have a very honored guest today, thank you. May i introduce to you the beautiful Miss Bulma!.
~ Lucifer introducing his Demon army to Bulma.

One can never be sure with this wild bunch, but I think they're laughing because they see you don't quite get the "point" of our little gathering. (Bulma: Huh? *looks at the needle* what point?! that one!?) That's right, *starts to go into his Vampire state* a needle.. for you.. we have a very special ceremony coming up and we were hoping to borrow some of your blood for a toast! Let the ceremony...BEGIN!!! *laughs*
~ Lucifer reveals to Bulma about he and his Demon army's thirst for her blood.

Friends, monsters and the living dead. Lend me your ears! tonight we shall share a toast together, thanks to the beautiful Miss Bulma who is supplying the refreshments for this momentic occasion! (Bulma: Huh? refreshments?) Tonight, the princess... will awaken!.
~ Lucifer announcing the Princess's awakening.

Igor, it's time.
~ Lucifer orders Igor to drain Bulma's blood.

What's going on? (*Goku and Krillin falling into the altar*) The Princess! over there!.
~ Lucifer noticing Goku and Krillin.

Get that girl! (Bad Launch: Monster mash, graveyard smash! the sleeping Princess is mine, you putrid-paled punks!) (Krillin: Did you hear what she said, Goku?) (Goku: Is that pretty rock the Sleeping Princess?) Get that girl! kill her!.
~ Lucifer ordering his Demon army to get and kill Bad Launch.

Not so fast. (Goku: Krillin!) (Krillin: *is held captive by Lucifer* Goku!) Give me the Sleeping Princess back or i'll rip his head off! *Goku looks at the Sleeping Princess and thinks* Well?! *strangles Krillin*.
~ Lucifer threatening Goku to give back the Sleeping Princess or he'll kill Krillin.

That's enough, boys. Just give him one more good one for me.
~ Lucifer ordering his Demons to quit hitting Goku.

Yes, the moment has finally arrived my gruesome friends. Rejoice! for the season of fear and chaos will soon be apon us. Soon the creatures of Darkness will be the regions of the planet, there will be a picture of a monster on every cereal box!. Let the princess awaken, so that her brilliant "Light" may lead us to unending Darkness.
~ Lucifer preparing to awake the Sleeping Princess.

~ Lucifer after awakening the Sleeping Princess.

Silence, please! i like each of you to take the hand of the monster next to you and pause for a moment of silence repletion.
~ Lucifer orders his Demons to pause for a moment.

The Devil's hand, it's collapsing! (Igor: Don't worry, master. It's only the pinky-finger) You're right, there's no need to lose our cool.
~ Lucifer realizing the Devil's hand collapsing and that dawn is coming.

How many days? how many days Igor have we been waiting on this very moment to arrive? (Bulma: What's going on? what are you going to do? Why won't you tell me what you're going to do? i can't guess it!) Alright then, we're going to blow up the sun! (Bulma: What?! you're going to blow up the sun?! but that's crazy! we need the sun for us to survive!) *laughs* Maybe you need the sun, but to us, it's just a nuisance, you see dear... we love Darkness.
~ Lucifer reveals his true motives to Bulma.

Vistors, Igor!.
~ Lucifer's last words.



  • He is the first ever movie main antagonist to die in the Dragon Ball series.
  • he is partially based off Dracula.
  • In the original Japanese version, he is also referred to as a Demon God. However, it is unclear if it is connected to the form of the Demon Realm race.
  • He is the first movie antagonist to have a hairstyle similar to Goku's, the second was Turles (despite sometimes having hair horns on his hair).
  • Lucifer is also the first movie villain to consider blowing up the sun as part of his plans, the second being Cooler (or at least in the dub).


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