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Always tourists... never girl scouts.
~ Lucifer

Lucifer is the Ruler of Hell and antagonist of Eddsworld episode Hello Hellhole. He also works as an attendant in Personal Hell Dept, one of the attractions for tourist who visit Hell. He is voiced by Tom Ridgewell.


Lucifer is a tall, red demon with horns that curve with spiked edges. He also has red eyes, sticky ears, two pointy teeth that stick out of his mouth, and claws on hands and feet. He wars only a black loincloth. Although Hell is a popular place for tourists, he hates them and wishes he is visited by girl scouts more. When he is alone, he usually just sits and reads magazines, but in front of people he acts scary.


When Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord visit Hell, they also enter the room where Lucifer is sitting by the desk and reading a magazine. When he notices them, he complains that he always meets tourists and not girl scouts. He then jumps on his feet and unsuccessfully tries to scare the gang, only making Edd ask him if they can call him Lucy. When frightened and shocked gang is leaving the room, Lucifer who is sitting and reading again, yells at them not to forget to visit the gift shop.


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