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|type of villain = Satan}} {{Quote|You know why God cast me down? Because I loved Him...more than anything. And then God The little...hairless apes. And then He asked all of us to bow down before you, to love you more than Him. And I said, "Father, I can't." I said, "These human beings are flawed, murderous." And for that, God had Michael cast me into Hell. Now, tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it.|Lucifer to Dean Winchester.}} {{Quote|Yes, and you'd do anything to save him, and he'd do anything to save you, and that is the problem. Because of this, you're so overcome by guilt that you can't stand to lose Dean again, and he could never lose you. And so instead of choosing the world, you choose each other, no matter how many innocent people die.|Lucifer to Sam Winchester.}}
|type of villain = Satan}} {{Quote|You know why God cast me down? Because I loved Him...more than anything. And then God The little...hairless apes. And then He asked all of us to bow down before you, to love you more than Him. And I said, "Father, I can't." I said, "These human beings are flawed, murderous." And for that, God had Michael cast me into Hell. Now, tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it.|Lucifer to Dean Winchester.}} {{Quote|Yes, and you'd do anything to save him, and he'd do anything to save you, and that is the problem. Because of this, you're so overcome by guilt that you can't stand to lose Dean again, and he could never lose you. And so instead of choosing the world, you choose each other, no matter how many innocent people die.|Lucifer to Sam Winchester.}}
'''Lucifer''' (also known as '''Satan''' or '''The Devil''') is a character appearing in the TV series ''Supernatural''. He was the Bigger Bad of Season 4 (due to controlling [[Lilith (Supernatural)|Lilith]] and the other villains), the main antagonist of Season 5, the secondary antagonist in Seasons 7 (as a hallucination and alongside the [[Leviathan (Supernatural)|leviathan]] [[Edgar (Supernatural)|Edgar]]) and 11, and one of the two main antagonists in Season 12 (along with Arthur[[Mr. Ketch| Ketch]]).
'''Lucifer''' (also known as '''Satan''' or '''The Devil''') is a character and arguably the main antagonist of TV series ''Supernatural''. He was the Bigger Bad of Season 4 (due to controlling [[Lilith (Supernatural)|Lilith]] and the other villains), the main antagonist of Season 5, the secondary antagonist in Seasons 7 (as a hallucination and alongside the [[Leviathan (Supernatural)|leviathan]] [[Edgar (Supernatural)|Edgar]]) and 11, and one of the two main antagonists in Season 12 (along with Arthur[[Mr. Ketch| Ketch]]).
He is portrayed by Mark Pellegrino in most of his appearances, Jared Padalecki when he's possessing Sam in "''The End''" and "''Swan Song''," Misha Collins when he's possessing Castiel starting in Season 11's "''The Devil in the Details''," Rick Springfield in a handful of episodes in Season 12, and David Chisum in Season 12's "''LOTUS''."
He is portrayed by Mark Pellegrino in most of his appearances, Jared Padalecki when he's possessing Sam in "''The End''" and "''Swan Song''," Misha Collins when he's possessing Castiel starting in Season 11's "''The Devil in the Details''," Rick Springfield in a handful of episodes in Season 12, and David Chisum in Season 12's "''LOTUS''."

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You know why God cast me down? Because I loved Him...more than anything. And then God The little...hairless apes. And then He asked all of us to bow down before you, to love you more than Him. And I said, "Father, I can't." I said, "These human beings are flawed, murderous." And for that, God had Michael cast me into Hell. Now, tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it.
~ Lucifer to Dean Winchester.
Yes, and you'd do anything to save him, and he'd do anything to save you, and that is the problem. Because of this, you're so overcome by guilt that you can't stand to lose Dean again, and he could never lose you. And so instead of choosing the world, you choose each other, no matter how many innocent people die.
~ Lucifer to Sam Winchester.

Lucifer (also known as Satan or The Devil) is a character and arguably the main antagonist of TV series Supernatural. He was the Bigger Bad of Season 4 (due to controlling Lilith and the other villains), the main antagonist of Season 5, the secondary antagonist in Seasons 7 (as a hallucination and alongside the leviathan Edgar) and 11, and one of the two main antagonists in Season 12 (along with Arthur Ketch).

He is portrayed by Mark Pellegrino in most of his appearances, Jared Padalecki when he's possessing Sam in "The End" and "Swan Song," Misha Collins when he's possessing Castiel starting in Season 11's "The Devil in the Details," Rick Springfield in a handful of episodes in Season 12, and David Chisum in Season 12's "LOTUS."



Lucifer is one of the four Archangels created by God, the brother of Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. They were created to fight against the Darkness, God's sister. The Archangels imprisoned the Darkness, and God sealed her prison with what would later become the Mark of Cain, which He gave to Lucifer, but it slowly corrupted him.

When God created humans and commanded the angels to bow before them, Lucifer refused, deeming humans to be imperfect and murderous beings, and rebelled due to the Mark's influence. However, he was defeated and cast out of Heaven by Michael. Following this, he somehow breached Gadreel's defenses and entered the Garden of Eden, where he succeeded in corrupting the minds of Adam and Eve. Later, Lucifer tried to corrupt Adam and Eve's son, Abel, into becoming his servant, but Abel's brother Cain made a deal with Lucifer: His soul in Hell in exchange for Abel's soul in Heaven. Lucifer assented to the arrangement on the condition that Cain killed Abel. Afterwards, he branded Cain with the Mark he possessed that ensured that Cain became the first Knight of Hell after he died.

Acting out of spite towards God and eager to prove how imperfect humans were, Lucifer corrupted a human soul into the first demon, Lilith; for this act, he was imprisoned in a specific cage in Hell that was bound with over 600 seals, 66 of which needed to be broken in order for him to be released.

In 1972, when Azazel massacred the nuns in St. Mary's Convent as part of a sacrifice to make contact with him, Lucifer instructed him to free Lilith from Hell so she could break the 66 Seals and thus release him. In 2009, the final seal was broken when Sam Winchester, Lucifer's intended vessel, killed Lilith, and Lucifer rose out of Hell.

Season 5

As an angel, Lucifer needed to take a vessel on Earth and could only possess someone with his or her consent. Not long after his release from Hell, he possessed a man, Nick, whose wife and child had been murdered, and persuaded Nick that he could get revenge on God for allowing his family to be killed. Later, Lucifer tried to convince Sam to say "yes" to him, as he was his true vessel. Sam, Dean, and Castiel planned to defeat Lucifer by either finding the Colt or finding God. However, when Dean shot Lucifer in the head with the Colt, it did not kill him, as he was one of five beings in Creation that the Colt couldn't kill. Later, Sam and Dean heard from the angel Joshua that God had no interest in stopping the Apocalypse.

In "Hammer of the Gods," Lucifer was called by the Roman god Mercury to a hotel where a group of pagan gods were holding the Winchesters captive. Following a short rant about pagan gods (whom he deemed worse than humans or demons), Lucifer killed Mercury, then killed a vast number of the other pagans. Gabriel then tried to kill Lucifer with a trick, but Lucifer turned his younger brother's own angel-killing blade on him and killed him, much to his visible regret.

However, Gabriel revealed to Sam and Dean through a copy of Casa Erotica that they could trap Lucifer again by re-opening his cage with the Four Horsemen's rings. Sam and Dean collected the rings and formulated a plan to get Lucifer back into the cage. Sam said "yes" to Lucifer, intending to gain control over him and jump into the cage with Lucifer, but Lucifer easily overpowered Sam and turned him onto a dark path by allowing Sam to kill the demons who had secretly controlled a majority of his life.

Lucifer then went to Stull Cemetery in Lawrence, Kansas, where he was met by Michael possessing Adam Milligan, Dean and Sam's half-brother. After a tense verbal stand-off with his older brother, Lucifer prepared to battle Michael, only for Dean to drive up in the Impala and attempt to help Sam re-gain control. When Castiel appeared and temporarily sent Michael away using a Molotov cocktail containing holy oil, an angry Lucifer destroyed Castiel with a snap of his fingers. When Bobby shot him, Lucifer telekinetically snapped the hunter's neck.

Lucifer then savagely beat up Dean, but when he saw a figurine of a soldier in the Impala, he was overwhelmed and confused by all of Sam's memories with Dean. Sam was then able to regain control of his body and open Lucifer's cage with the Horsemen's rings. Michael re-appeared, told Sam that he was destined to kill Lucifer, and grabbed hold of Sam just as he jumped into the cage, taking Lucifer and Michael down to Hell with him.

Seasons 6 and 7

God resurrected Castiel, who freed Sam from Lucifer's cage. Lucifer remained in the cage, and Castiel later discovered that he had freed only Sam's body while Sam's soul was being tortured by Michael and Lucifer, who were furious with him for interfering with their destined battle. Dean convinced Death to rescue Sam's soul, and Death warned Sam there would be consequences if Sam tried to break the mental wall that Death had put up in his mind. However, Castiel later destroys the wall and Sam starts to suffer hallucinations of Lucifer.

For a time, Lucifer's hallucination tortures Sam and eventually leads to Sam being admitted to a mental hospital. There, Lucifer continues to psychologically torture Sam. However, when Sam is at his worst, Castiel absorbs Sam's hallucinations, healing Sam yet temporarily going insane himself as he sees Lucifer. However, being an angel and therefore stronger than Sam, Castiel manages to get the hallucination of Lucifer under control. Lucifer's hallucination is banished, and Lucifer is still trapped inside his cage with Michael.

Season 11

In "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire", Crowley is informed by one of his demons that Lucifer and Michael are screaming in their cage because they know of the release of the Darkness and they are futilely trying to alert angels or humanity to its release.

In "Baby", Lucifer appears to Sam in the form of a young John Winchester. "John" tells Sam that he's only there to deliver a message: That the Darkness is coming and only the Winchesters can stop it. Sam insists that there should be a way to stop the Darkness, but "John" only answers, "God helps those who help themselves." Sam asks "John" one last question before he wakes up, "Who are you?"

In "Our Little World", after Sam and Dean question Castiel about Metatron, Sam experiences a vision of Lucifer's Cage, which is seen for the first time from the outside. Two hands are seen to be grasping the wall of the cage, though it remains unclear who the hands belong to.

In "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", Sam has a vision of Lucifer touching him and feeling a sense of peace, causing Sam to believe that God wants him to go to Lucifer and get his help. With the help of Crowley and Rowena, Sam is able to summon Lucifer into a small cage in the depths of Hell where the fallen Archangel is rendered powerless by warding from the Book of the Damned and holy fire. Lucifer manifests in the form of Nick, and Sam explains the situation and his visions from God. Lucifer tells Sam that the visions mean that God needs his help to defeat the Darkness and he needs Sam to say "yes" again so he can get out and help. He insists that the visions are the Word of God and that Sam needs to do what they say.

Sam finally decides not to say "yes", but the warding suddenly fails and Lucifer teleports Sam into the cage with him. Sam refuses to be afraid due to his visions, but Lucifer explains the truth: The visions didn't come from God; they came from Lucifer himself to draw Sam to him. The release of the Darkness damaged the Cage and allowed Lucifer to reach out to Sam's mind and implant the visions. Lucifer tells Sam he's now trapped with him and taunts a terrified Sam.

In "The Devil in the Details", Lucifer tries to persuade Sam to give his consent, showing him memories from his past and insisting that Sam has gone soft. Despite being strongly tempted, Sam still refuses and expresses his faith in his friends and family. Lucifer, angered, then resorts to "Plan B" and proceeds to begin beating Sam up. Dean and Castiel arrive to help Sam, but Lucifer teleports them into the cage. When Castiel draws his angel blade in preparation for a fight, Lucifer stalls and, with a snap of fingers, causes the song "Heaven Must Be Missin' an Angel" to start playing. The fight commences, and Lucifer easily beats Dean, Sam, and Castiel until he's seemingly sent back into the Cage by a spell cast by Rowena.

However, it later turns out that Castiel, believing Lucifer's claim that only he can beat the Darkness, told Lucifer "yes," so now Lucifer is possessing Castiel's vessel. Lucifer, after parting ways with the Winchesters while posing as Castiel, re-enters Hell and finds Crowley and Rowena, who both slowly recognize who he truly is. Crowley tries to flee, but Lucifer telekinetically sends him flying against a wall. Next, he removes the witch-catcher from around Rowena's neck and, thankful for her help, moves to kiss her, but then asks her if anyone else knows how to open his Cage. When Rowena says no, Lucifer snaps her neck, killing her, and tells Crowley they need to talk.

In "Into the Mystic", On Earth, Lucifer arrives at a park. He feeds the ducks in the pond before sitting down and admiring the humans around him. An angel however, spots him and Lucifer decides to take a nature walk. Although he tries to talk the angel into trusting he is here to stop the Darkness, the angel refuses and makes a move to kill him. Lucifer snaps his fingers, instantly killing the angel.

Lucifer goes to the Bunker in search for a spell that can summon the Darkness. Dean finds him but still believes he is Castiel, and Lucifer plays along. Dean confesses he is drawn to the Darkness in ways he cannot resist and that it scares him. Lucifer reassures him that it's alright.

In "The Vessel", Lucifer has regained control over Hell and now has Crowley as his "dog". After having a bunch of weapons brought to him from his crypts, Lucifer admits that defeating the Darkness was more of a "team effort" than he let on and he can't defeat her alone. As Lucifer taunts Crowley, he gets a call from the Winchesters and is shocked to learn of their discovery of a Hand of God. Lucifer agrees to bring Dean back in time to the USS Bluefin to retrieve the Hand of God, but is kept outside the ship by warding.

Lucifer returns to the bunker soaking wet and works with Sam to find a spell to remove the warding. Sam locates such a spell, but it requires the power of an archangel. Lucifer begins preparing the spell while Sam offers to allow "Castiel" to use his soul to increase "his" power so it will work. Lucifer reveals himself to Sam, seeing that he no longer has a use for him and begins to draw power from Sam's soul while planning to use it to destroy him and make it look like an accident. Before he can kill Sam, Castiel manages to regain control but informs Sam that he can't eject Lucifer as it's taking all of his strength to keep Lucifer from killing Sam. Castiel also informs Sam that they need Lucifer as Castiel can no longer time travel.

As Delphine Seydoux unleashes the power of the Hand of God, the warding is destroyed and Lucifer returns Dean to the present as the Bluefin is obliterated. Sam reveals Lucifer's true identity to Dean and Lucifer throws Dean across the bunker. Lucifer attempts to use the Hand of God, but finds its power depleted. As Lucifer stalks towards Dean, Sam manages to banish him from the bunker.

A week later, Lucifer is ordering the demons to locate a Hand of God. He orders Simmons to pretend to side with Crowley so the former King would lead them somewhere useful, which turns out to be a secret lockup. Lucifer follows them to the location. Once there, he reveals to Crowley that his plan was to rid Crowley of his last inch of defiance. He promises to do bad things to Crowley while he moves to take the Rod of Aaron, a Hand of God.

However, Crowley tricked them into thinking the rod was inside a case but he had, in reality, stashed it nearby and proceeds to strike Lucifer with it, sending him tumbling a few feet away. Crowley absorbs the rod's power and prepares to blast Lucifer with it, but Simmons shields Lucifer and dies. Lucifer is knocked back by the sheer force of the blast, but with Crowley having depleted the rod, Lucifer regains the upper hand and punches Crowley, sending him over a pile of books. When Lucifer leans over, the demon is gone.

After his failed attack on Crowley, Lucifer goes to challenge the Darkness and to interrogate her. The meeting quickly turns sour and she gets into one of her famous rages. In her rage she easily overpowers the Archangel and slams him against a wall. She then explains her plan to remake the Universe in her own image rather than her brother, God's, image, and she explains that before she does so, she will torture Lucifer forever. The Devil lets out an almighty scream as the Darkness begins to torture him.

Later, Dean, Sam, Metatron and the new prophet Donatello are called upon to find Lucifer, because the Archangel is the only one strong enough to defeat the Darkness with God's help. Metatron meets the prophet Chuck, who, to everybody's surprise, reveals his true form as God Himself, because it was Chuck's knowledge of Metatron's burning of one of the Supernatural books that God wrote that revealed God's true form to Metatron.

After getting angry at God for His apparent abandonment of His children, God throws Metatron outside, but then He has a change of heart and brings Metatron back in. They talk about the Darkness and her human form, Amara, and the threat she poses. God recognizes that the Darkness is greater and more dangerous than the previous dangers - Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer, Eve, Leviathan and even Metatron combined, and so God finally steps in to protect the Universe.

God decides to find Lucifer and Sam and Dean with Donatello, find him, barely alive, wounded and all Lucifer's powers are temporarily deactivated. Donatello realizes that the Darkness is coming and he orders them out. Metatron stays behind and sacrifices himself when the Darkness makes him disintegrate. The Darkness is about to kill Sam, Dean, Donatello and Lucifer but then God mysteriously teleports their Impala into the Bunker of the Men of Letters, saving them.

In the Bunker, Lucifer finally meets God for the first time since his expulsion of Heaven. Lucifer is bitter, but reconciles with God eventually because of their desire for recognition and their almost equal power. God heals Lucifer from the Darkness' attack and Lucifer goes to Heaven to try and get angelic followers, but the angels still despise him and call him the Serpent. Lucifer finds, back on Earth, the Darkness is attacking God. The Darkness argues with God about her "wrongful" imprisonment which is somewhat contradictory after her destruction of every world God made. The Darkness asks God to kill her, bitter at Him.

God refuses, knowing this will ultimately end reality, as the Light needs the Darkness. Lucifer rushes at the Darkness with his spear to defend God, but the Darkness smashes him against a wall, and drags Lucifer from his vessel, Castiel.

Season 12

After his exorcism, Lucifer was banished to an unknown astral plane. Then he returned to Earth, angry and determined to rebuild his reputation as the Devil. He found a suitable host for himself in an aging musician named Vince Vincente, who consented to Lucifer's possession.

Determined to reclaim his position as the king of hell, Crowley enlisted Rowena's help in exorcising Lucifer and imprisoning him in his cage, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Crowley escaped, and Lucifer captured Rowena. He tried to force her to make Vince his permanent vessel, but instead she sped up the decaying process and banished him to the bottom of the ocean.

Lucifer was summoned by two men named Adam and Gordy, whom he killed, using his fossilized feather (which had been used to summon him) to restore his power. He realized he could make Vince's fans do whatever he wanted, such as carving the name "Vince Vincente" deep into their chests. After reuniting Vince's band, Ladyheart (and killing all its members), Lucifer intended to use his influence to kill the audience of his performance. Castiel and Crowley distracted him before Sam and Dean got everyone out. When Sam and Dean asked him why he was evil again after he and God made up, Lucifer revealed that he felt that God abandoned him again when He left with Amara, and that he had no grand scheme this time, merely killing people for fun. When Vince's body began to decay, Lucifer left him, leaving Vince dead.

After burning through more vessels, Lucifer possessed President Jefferson Rooney. He got Jeff's girlfriend Kelly pregnant with a nephilim, and told secret service that Sam and Dean were cult members who wanted to assassinate him. Using a magical device provided by Arthur Ketch, Sam exorcised Lucifer, and Rowena seemingly banished him back to his cage using a spell.

However, Crowley altered the spell so that Lucifer would instead be permanently sent back into his old vessel, Nick, whom Crowley and his demons had retrieved, and imprisoned him with chains replicated from the walls of Lucifer's Cage. Crowley kept Lucifer imprisoned as revenge for doing the same to him.

During this time, Lucifer learns that Kelly is on the run and sensed that she was found and took in by the Princess of Hell Dagon, much to his delight. Two demons, Victor and Thomas, unleashed the Hellhound Ramsay, whom only Lucifer could control, as a distraction so they could release Lucifer, preferring him to Crowley and bargaining for several rewards. However, Lucifer went back on his word and killed Victor and Thomas. As he attempted revenge on Crowley, Crowley was easily able to reimprison him, having anticipated this and warded Lucifer's vessel with material from his cage, thus keeping him under his control.

Lucifer checks in on Dagon to make sure she is keeping the baby safe, and hopes she won't fail him a second time.

Lucifer pretended to submit to Crowley, and when Crowley showed the demons that Lucifer was under his control, Lucifer silently told them to remain loyal to him instead of Crowley, and had a demon named Drexel try to break Crowley's control over him.

A still-restrained Lucifer communicates telepathically with Dagon and is enraged to learn that she has lost Kelly and his son to Castiel. Lucifer, who had promised to form a family with Dagon and his son if she succeeded in bringing him into the world, swears to bring eternal torment upon Dagon instead if she fails. Terrified, Dagon agrees.

Lucifer is later informed by Crowley that Dagon is dead. However, Drexl discovers that Crowley's control over Lucifer is somehow reversing so that Lucifer controls Crowley. After beating Crowley up, Lucifer stabs him with an angel blade, thinking him to be dead, though Crowley possesses a rat before the stab and survives.

Lucifer kills Rowena so that she cannot send him back to his cage, and fights Sam, Dean, and Castiel for his unborn son. Sam and Dean lure Lucifer through a dimensional rift into an alternate apocalyptic reality while Crowley works on a ritual to close the rift. Crowley sacrifices himself to complete the ritual, and Castiel stabs Lucifer, who survives. Both return to Sam and Dean's world, and Lucifer kills Castiel, before Mary fights him, ending with both Mary and Lucifer falling through the rift just as it closes, trapping them in the alternate reality forever.


Lucifer was once the most beautiful and beloved angel in all of existence; God loved Lucifer the most of all His angels. Because of this, he was very prideful. When humanity was created, he was unwilling to accept no longer being God's favorite, and when God commanded all angels to love His new creation more than Himself, Lucifer refused and was cast into Hell.

Being cast out of Heaven enraged Lucifer, so he struck back by tempting and twisting the soul of a human woman, Lilith. After completely stripping her of her humanity, her soul was transformed into the very first demon. Because of this unforgivable blasphemy against God, Lucifer was further punished by being placed into an additional solitary imprisonment within Hell. He remained there in isolation for millennia. Lucifer's long-term goal was to eventually be freed from the cage, eradicate humanity, and restore Earth to its original "untainted" glory.

Crowley once referred to him as a petulant child with daddy issues and suggested that Lucifer also only uses demons as servants and would eradicate them as well because, despite them being his creations, he considers demons to be even less worthy than humans; proof of this is shown when, after several demons sacrifice themselves as part of a ritual to summon Death, Lucifer casually states to a shocked Sam that "they're just demons."

Lucifer claims that he never lies because he doesn't have to. He promises both his vessels, Nick (his "backup" vessel) and Sam (his predestined, true vessel), that he will be honest with them. He also says that he sympathizes with his vessels, both of whom are victims like himself. He goes to some lengths to get Sam's acceptance, sparing Dean's life once and allowing Sam revenge against some of the demons that controlled his life. However, Lucifer has been proven to mislead on occasion, suggesting that this is more of a ploy to gain trust rather than an actual commitment or he bends this rule when he sees it to his advantage.

Lucifer also shows concern for his fellow angels. He captures Castiel and admires the angel's loyalty in refusing to reveal the presence of his human friends; when he invites Castiel to join him and Castiel refuses, Lucifer respects his decision. He is remorseful when forced to kill Gabriel, and disappointed when Michael berates him during their confrontation in Stull Cemetery. When preparing to fight his older brother in their pre-destined battle, Lucifer pleads with Michael to "walk off the chessboard," but Michael remains determined to fulfill his destiny and serve God. Even so, when Castiel molotovs Michael, Lucifer is outraged by the attack on his brother and obliterates Castiel.

Gabriel criticizes Lucifer, describing his actions as "one big temper tantrum." Death makes a similar observation, characterizing Lucifer as a "bratty child." Nonetheless, Lucifer sees himself as a tragic figure who was punished for being right. He refuses to accept any blame for his actions and suggests that God intentionally made him the way he is, once asserting that "God wanted the Devil."

Lucifer is also highly cruel and barbaric to those who get in his way and, despite his claims of being the victim, he has no qualms about killing anything or anyone, even if he has no true reason for doing so. For example, he barbarically massacred a majority of the pagan gods simply because they plotted against him, despite the fact that they posed no real threat to him.

Powers and Abilities

As an Archangel, Lucifer is one of the most powerful beings to exist; the only beings said to be more powerful than him are the Darkness, God, Michael, and Death. The immensity of his power was further shown by how an improper human vessel, Nick, decayed greatly as a result of containing him.

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Lucifer, being the second Archangel, is unimaginably powerful. As only the Darkness, Michael, Death, and God can defeat him, Lucifer has incalculable supernatural power. He can even slay ancient pagan deities with ease.
  • Immortality: Lucifer has an indefinitely long lifespan. Time does not degrade his form, like with all celestial beings. He's unaffected by diseases and toxins. He does not tire, and does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep. On one occasion, Cas clearly says about killing Lucifer, "It's foolish, it can't be done," and later calls the task "insane." However, an Archangel blade can kill him, as can God or Michael.
  • Angelic Possession: Even Lucifer is required to use a vessel on Earth, as Zachariah emphasizes, and he needs the vessel's permission, like with all angels. Because of the immensity of his power, he must use a vessel descended from Cain and Abel, or it will begin to decay.
  • Invulnerability: Lucifer is impervious to all damage, except when harmed by his Archangel brethren, penetrated with an Archangel blade, or by God. Kali, the most powerful of the pagan gods at the gathering of the pagan gods, tried to harm him with a pyrokinetic attack, but it had no effect and Lucifer simply smiled at her attempt to harm him. The Colt somehow caused him initial pain, but he soon recovered. It should be noted that his temporary vessel was decaying at the time. With Sam as his vessel, Lucifer is much more powerful, and it's probable he'd be completely impervious to the Colt.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Lucifer has immense awareness of everything. He knows spells capable of binding the Horsemen to him, but he, according to Chuck, didn't know about the Impala.
  • Superhuman Strength: Lucifer has slaughtered pagan deities with his bare hands. As Gabriel predicted, it became a blood bath. Lucifer went on a rampage in which he brutally ripped the other gods to shreds, beating them to death, and tearing off their limbs through sheer force. He was able to knock out the powerful pagan god, Kali, with one punch. As the second oldest Archangel, he's significantly stronger than other angels. He once effortlessly threw Dean and later literally beat him to a bloody pulp, nearly killing him. Chuck indicated that Dean only survived because Castiel healed him. He was also able to causally overpower his younger brother Gabriel.
  • Regeneration: If Lucifer's vessel receives any damage, the wound will heal instantaneously. When shot with the Colt, for example, the bullet hole healed in under a minute. Interestingly, the ability does not reverse the decay caused to Nick by Lucifer's power.
  • Shapeshifting: Interestingly, Lucifer could change his form when outside of a vessel; he's the only Archangel to have done so. Also, when in a vessel, Lucifer can change his shape into any person he wants, like Gabriel; Lucifer also took the form of a Reaper to lure Castiel away.
  • Teleportation: Lucifer can travel anywhere instantly, without occupying the space in between.
  • Telekinesis: Lucifer could impart kinetic energy on matter with his mind. He was extremely proficient, being able to rip pagan deities apart.
  • Dream Walking: Lucifer has the ability to enter a person's dreams. Even without a human vessel, Lucifer was a able to speak with Nick in his dreams while taking on the appearance of his deceased wife. He demonstrated this again when he spoke to Sam in his dreams while taking on the appearance of Jessica Moore.
  • Cryokinesis: Lucifer can manipulate and generate cold. He froze a pane of glass by merely breathing on it.
  • Supernatural Perception: Lucifer can perceive the form of beings invisible to the human eye. Lucifer was able to see the true form of Death when he raised the Horseman out of his prison.
  • Weather Manipulation: When Lucifer was released, he altered the weather by creating severe winds.
  • Molecular Combustion: Lucifer killed Castiel by speeding up his molecules to the point where it caused him to explode simply by snapping his fingers.
  • Reality Warping: Although never displayed, Lucifer reminded Gabriel that he taught him everything he knew about using this power, when the latter tried to use it to kill him.
  • Spell Casting: Lucifer was able to bind the Horsemen to his presence with a spell, controlling their actions to a moderate degree. He also performed a ritual to release Death from his coffin.
  • Resurrection: Lucifer can easily revive dead people. He is also said to be able to bring back deceased angels.
  • Terrakinesis: Lucifer could generate earthquakes with ease.
  • Precognition: Lucifer could see the future, but not the whole picture; he knew he would possess Sam in Detroit and told him the first time he met him.


Part 1

You people misunderstand me. You call me "Satan" and "Devil," you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that, He betrayed me, punished me. Just as He's punished you. After all, how could God stand idly by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? [...] There are only two rational answers, Nick: Either He's sadistic, or He simply doesn't care. You're angry. You have every right to be angry. I am angry, too. That's why I want to find Him, hold Him accountable for His actions. Just because He created us doesn't mean He can toy with us like playthings.
~ To Nick, "Sympathy for the Devil"
I'm sorry. I can't. But I can give you the next best thing. God did this to you, Nick. And I can give you justice. Peace.
~ To Nick, "Sympathy for the Devil"
Contrary to popular belief, I don't lie. I don't need to.
~ To Nick, "Sympathy for the Devil"
You are a hard one to find, Sam. Harder than most humans. I don't suppose you'd tell me where you are?
~ To Sam, "Free to Be You and Me"
I'm so sorry, Sam, I, I really am, but Nick here is just an improvisation. Plan B. He can barely contain me without spontaneously combusting. [...] Why do you think you were in that chapel? You're the one, Sam. You're my vessel. My true vessel.
~ To Sam, "Free to Be You and Me"
Sam. My heart breaks for you. The weight on your shoulders, what you've done, what you still have to do--it is more than anyone could bear. If there was some other way...but there isn't. I will never lie to you. I will never trick you. But you will say "yes" to me.
~ To Sam, "Free to Be You and Me"
Oh. Hello, Dean. Aren't you a surprise. You've come a long way to see this, haven't you?
~ To Dean while possessing Sam in 2014, "The End"
Kill you? Don't you think that would be a little...redundant?
~ To Dean, after having killed Dean's future self, "The End"
I'm sorry. It must be painful, speaking to me in this...shape. But it had to be your brother. It had to be.
~ To Dean, "The End"
Why would I want to destroy this stunning thing? Beautiful in a trillion different ways. The last perfect handiwork of God.
~ To Dean, "The End"
I like you, Dean. I get what the other angels see in you.
~ To Dean, "The End"
I know you won't. I know you won't say "yes" to Michael, either. And I know you won't kill Sam. Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end I win. So, I win.
~ To Dean, "The End"
Loyalty. Such a nice quality to see in this day and age.
~ To Castiel, "Abandon All Hope..."
Castiel, I don't understand why you're fighting me, of all the angels. [...] I rebelled, I was cast out; you rebelled, you were cast out. Almost all of Heaven wants to see me dead, and if they succeed, guess what? You're their new public enemy number one. We're on the same side, like it or not, so why not just serve your own best interests? Which, in this case, just happen to be mine?
~ To Castiel, "Abandon All Hope..."
Oh, Sam, you don't need that gun here. You know I'd never hurt you. Not really.
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."
Don't feel too bad, Sam. There's only five things in all of Creation that that gun can't kill, and I just happen to be one of them. But if you give me a minute, I'm almost done.
~ To Sam, after Dean shooting him with the Colt doesn't kill Lucifer, "Abandon All Hope..."
You know, I don't suppose you'd just say "yes" here and now? End this whole tiresome discussion? That's crazy, right?
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."
Oh, I don't know, Sam. I think it will. I think it'll happen soon. Within six months. And I think it'll happen in Detroit.
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."
That's good, Sam. You keep fanning that fire in your belly. All that pent-up rage. I'm gonna need it.
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."
I know, it's awful, but these Horsemen are so demanding. So it was women and children first. I know what you must think of me, Sam. But I have to do this. I have to. You of all people should understand.
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."

Part 2

I was a son. A brother, like you, a younger brother, and I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day, I went to him and I begged him to stand with me, and Michael...Michael turned on me. Called me a "freak." A "monster." And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own. Tell me something, Sam. Any of this sound familiar?
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."
Anyway, you'll have to excuse me. Midnight is calling and I have a ritual to finish. Don't go anywhere. Not that you could if you would.
~ To Sam, "Abandon All Hope..."
What? They're just demons.
~ To Sam, after sacrificing his own demons in a ritual to raise Death, "Abandon All Hope..."
Oh, hello, Death.
~ To Death after summoning him, "Abandon All Hope..."
You know, I never understood you pagans. You're all such...petty little things. Always fighting, always happy to sell out your own kind. No wonder you forfeited this planet to us. You...are worse than humans. You're worse than demons. And yet you claim to be gods!
~ To Mercury, before killing him, "Hammer of the Gods"
And they call me "prideful."
~ After killing Mercury, "Hammer of the Gods"
Of course you can't. You didn't say "Mother, may I?"
~ To Balder, "Hammer of the Gods"
No one gives us the right; we take it.
~ To Balder, as he kills him, "Hammer of the Gods"
Over a girl. Gabriel, really? I mean I knew you were slumming, but I hope you didn't catch anything.
~ To Gabriel, after he stops him from killing Kali, "Hammer of the Gods"
So you're willing to die for a pile of cockroaches. Why?
~ To Gabriel after he declares allegiance to humans, "Hammer of the Gods"
They are broken. Flawed! Abortions.
~ To Gabriel, "Hammer of the Gods"
I know you think you're doing the right thing, Gabriel. But I know where your heart truly lies. [...] Here. Amateur hocus pocus. Don't forget, you learned all your tricks from me, little brother.
~ To Gabriel, before killing him, "Hammer of the Gods"
Hey, guys. So nice of you to drop in.
~ To the Winchesters, "Swan Song"
Sorry if it's a bit chilly. Most people think I burn hot. It's actually quite the opposite.
~ To the Winchesters, "Swan Song"
Help me understand something, guys. I mean, stomping through my front door is...a tad suicidal, don't you think?
~ To the Winchesters, "Swan Song"
I know you have the rings, Sam. [...] The Horsemen's rings? The magic keys to my cage? Ring a bell? Come on, Sam. I've never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect! It's okay. I'm not mad. A wrestling match inside your noggin...I like the idea. Just you and me, one round, no tricks. You win, you jump in the hole. I win...well, then I win. What do you say, Sam? A fiddle of gold against your soul says I'm better than you.
~ To Sam, "Swan Song"
I was just messing with you. Sammy's long gone.
~ To Dean, after taking control of Sam's body, "Swan Song"
Sam. Come on. I can feel you...scratching away in there. Look...I'll take the gag off, okay? You got me all wrong, kiddo. I'm not the bad guy here.
~ To Sam, "Swan Song"
Such anger...Young Skywalker. Who are you really angry with? Me? Or that face in the mirror?
~ To Sam, "Swan Song"
I've been waiting for you...for a long, long time. Come on, Sam. You have to admit--you can feel it, right? The exhilaration. And you know why that is? Because we're two halves made whole. MFEO. Literally.
~ To Sam, "Swan Song"

Part 3

I'm inside your grapefruit, Sam. You can't lie to me. I see it all: How odd you always felt, how...out of place in of yours. And why shouldn't you have? They were foster care at best. I'm your real family. [...] All those times you ran away, you weren't running from them; you were running towards me. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, you know. I let Dean live, didn't I? I want him to live. I'll bring your folks back, too. I want you to be happy, Sam.
~ To Sam, "Swan Song"
And that's your friend Doug from that time in East Lansing. And Rachel...your prom date. Sam Winchester, this is your life. Azazel's gang watching you since you were a rugrat, jerking you around like a dog on a leash. I know how you feel about them. Me, too. So, what do you say you and I blow off a little steam?
~ To Sam, "Swan Song"
It's good to see you, Michael.
~ To Michael, "Swan Song"
What if it's not my fault? [...] Think about it. Dad made everything. Which means He made me who I am! God wanted the Devil.
~ To Michael, "Swan Song"
We're going to kill each other. And for what? One of Dad's tests. And we don't even know the answer. We're brothers. Let's just walk off the chessboard.
~ To Michael, "Swan Song"
No one makes Dad do anything. He is doing this to us.
~ To Michael, "Swan Song"
If that's the way it's got to be...then I'd like to see you try.
~ To Michael, preparing to fight his brother, "Swan Song"
Even for you, this is a whole new mountain of stupid.
~ To Dean after he drives up, "Swan Song"
Castiel...did you just Molotov my brother with holy fire?
~ To Castiel after he sends Michael away using holy fire, "Swan Song"
No one dicks with Michael but me.
~ To Castiel, before causing him to explode, "Swan Song"
You know...I tried to be nice...for Sammy's sake. But you...are such a my ass.
~ To Dean, "Swan Song"
Oh, he's in here, all right. And he's gonna feel the snap of your bones. Every single one. We're gonna take our time.
~ To Dean, as he beats him up, "Swan Song"
Hi, Sam. Long time, no spooning.
~ To Sam, "Meet the New Boss"
Sam, this isn't you going guano. Everything else is. [...] I have to say, I think this is my best torture yet: Make you believe that you're free and then...yank the wool off of your eyes. You never left, Sam. You're still in the cage...with me.
~ To Sam, "Meet the New Boss"
Right. You think this fruit bat fever dream is reality? You come back, I'm sorry, with no soul like some peppy American Psycho, till Saint Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia. You're real. I'm very real. Everything between is what we call set dressing.
~ To Sam, "Hello, Cruel World"
You're my bunkmate, buddy. You're my little bitch, in every sense of the term.
~ To Sam, "Hello, Cruel World"
Oh, he wants to hold your widdle hand. How sweet.
~ To Sam, about Dean, "Hello, Cruel World"
You know, I really think Price William has found the right girl. What do you think?
~ To Sam, while reading the newspaper, "Hello, Cruel World"
End it? This? You not knowing what's real, the paint slowly peeling off your walls, come on, man, this is the sweet spot! Why would I end it? Not like we got HBO in the Pit. All I got is you, floating over the coals with half a hope that you're gonna figure it all out. There's only one way to figure it out, Sam. It's up to you. It ends when you can't take it anymore. I think that's maybe why we're cleaning our guns.
~ To Sam, trying to convince him to commit suicide, "Hello, Cruel World"
You poor clueless son of a bitch. [...] Your world is whatever I want it to be, understand?
~ To Sam, "Hello, Cruel World"

Part 4

Now we're getting there. Pinocchio's seeing his strings.
~ "Hello, Cruel World"
Want to point that gun at someone useful? Try your face.
~ To Sam, "Hello, Cruel World"
Want to know the truth? Want to skip to the last page of the book? You know where to aim.
~ To Sam, "Hello, Cruel World"
Smell you, Florence Nightingale.
~ To Dean after he helps Sam discern reality, "Hello, Cruel World"
That's what I'm talking about, Sam: Real interaction again. I miss that. The rapier wit, the wittier rape. Come on. I'll be good. I'll even help you solve your little Nancy Drew mystery or whatever.
~ To Sam, "Repo Man"
Hmm, a cell phone scrambler. But, Luci, those are illegal!
~ To Sam after he finds a cell phone scrambler in Jeffrey's apartment, "Repo Man"
Why? To summon a demon, jackass.
~ To Sam after he finds a demon summoning spell, "Repo Man"
'Iay, caramba! Imi cabeza!'
~ To Sam after he gets hit on the head by Nora Havelock, "Repo Man"
Sam, shake her up. She knows what happened to Dean. Get this stupid cow to focus, will you?
~ To Sam as he questions Nora, "Repo Man"
You really knocked the cork out of her pie-hole.
~ To Sam about Nora, "Repo Man"
Yeah, look at that. Something's definitely different now, isn't it? You let me in. You wanted me, partner. So you think you can use your little tricks to banish me that? No. I do believe I've got you, bunk buddy. Got my finger wiggling around in your brainpan. Come on, Sammy! Come on! Say it with me now. GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!
~ Taunting Sam after he fails to cause Lucifer to vanish, "Repo Man"
No, he's telling the truth. Burned through that last beer hours ago. Right about the time Dean passed out. Come on, Sam. Tell the nice tweaker. You'd be sleeping by now if the Devil would just leave you alone for five seconds. Stupid Satan. Chasing you all the way to... Where the hell are we?
~ To Sam, "The Born-Again Identity"
Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Okay, now, this one I could have. [...] Sets unrealistic goals. Check. But trouble keeping healthy relationships? Not so sure about that one. Thoughts?
~ To Sam, reading a book, "The Born-Again Identity"
You know, you're actually keeping it together better than I thought. Kind of...the way someone pinned under a bus keeps it together.
~ To Sam while tormenting him, "The Born-Again Identity"
Sammy. What'll be today? Maggots again...or, uh, tapeworm?
~ To Sam, "The Born-Again Identity"
I see that third little pig was smart. Went out and got some bricks.
~ To Sam, reading Three Little Pigs, "The Born-Again Identity"
~ To Castiel after he takes on Sam's hallucinations, "The Born-Again Identity"
My old friend, Crowley. [...] You're too yourself.
~ To Crowley after being summoned, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Sam Winchester. My old roomie. Hug it out?
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
I've got to say, I'm a little in the dark about this meeting. Am I up for parole? Time off for bad behavior?
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Part 5

Oh, that leads me to my next question. Where's the Big Burrito Himself? Where's God in all of this? [...] What? Caught the fun bus out of town? Figures.
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Get out of town! Seriously? Who'd have thunk it!
~ To Sam after he informs him that God sent him visions, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
I completely get why you came to me. You can't ignore God, right? God says "jump," everybody says "how high?"
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Well, I did help Dad seal up the Darkness all those years ago. She's quite a force. Determined to take over everything, even back then. Prone to tantrums. I can see why Pop is laying low.
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
I know. I know, Sam. It's a lot to ask. But desperate times require desperate measures.
~ To Sam after implying he wants to possess him, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Okay, hold on there a second, cowboy. Take a breath. You have been working with Crowley. You passed "certifiable" three off-ramps ago. And look, I'm no fan of the Ruler of the Universe, but here I am, ready to pitch in. [...] Sam, why do you think God sent you to me? To get my help, which I only now just offered. Sam, your visions were the Word of God. You can't say no to that.
~ To Sam, trying to persuade him to let him possess his body again, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Together again.
~ To Sam after teleporting him into his cage, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Well, that would make so much sense if it was God that was doing the talking. You see, Sam, when the Darkness descended, the impact on Hell was massive. The Cage was damaged and, through the fissures, I was able to reach out. It wasn't God inside your head, Sam. It was me. So you see, He's not with you. He's never been with you. It was always just me. So I guess I am your only hope.
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Ah, well, settle in there, buddy. Hey, roomie...upper bunk, lower bunk, or you wanna share?
~ To Sam, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"



  • Though it is said that the Lucifer vision which was manifested from Sam's memories of Hell and tormented him in Season 7 was a mere hallucination, Mark Pellegrino, Lucifer's primary actor, felt otherwise. Pellegrino said that the Lucifer hallucination which tormented Sam in Season 7 might not have really been a hallucination, but also a form of Lucifer's extension planted in Sam's mind.
  • Lucifer's role in Season 7 is similar to that of the Joker's role in Arkham Knight; even though they were hallucinations, they still served as major antagonists and managed to make a huge impact.
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