Lucille Botzcowski
You're a smart young man Bart, I hope you're smart enouth to keep your mouth shut.
~ Mrs. botz

Ms. Botz/Lucille Botzcowski (Penny Marshall) is The Main Villain in The Episode Some Enchanting Evening.

Hired by Homer from the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Service, she was to babysit the kids while he and Marge stayed at a motel. After her arrival, the children discovered her true identity as a robber on a television show, but were captured and tied up before able to stop her. She then started looting The Simpsons' house, but was eventually thwarted and captured by Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The kids had to call for help from a pay phone, since Lucille had disabled the house phones. Homer and Marge eventually returned home, only to find The Babysitter Bandit hog-tied with her mouth taped shut, staring uncontrollably at The Happy Little Elves video tape.

She deceived Homer into freeing her moments before the police arrived. Later, Homer and Marge realized that they made a mistake when the police told them what really happen. In "Bart's Dog Gets an F" a new broadcast mentions that she has escaped from prison. She appears in "Hurricane Neddy", pacing back and forth in a cell in Calmwood Mental Hospital due to the Simpsons kids encounter. Ms. Botz's name is a parody of Gertrude Baniszewski.

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