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Lucinda is the main antagonist in Hannah Montana: The Movie and she only appeared in this movie.

She was portrayed by Jane Carr.


She started out as a old woman with a serious voice and want Hannah's secrets so she can get the story with her magazine, Bonchic. She also have a short temper and very rich woman.


She wasn't seen when she called her journalist, Oswald Granger about Hannah Montana's secret and expose it to the world by destroying Hannah's dreams and career and even her life.

She didn't appear again after calling Oswald again about her story until they were interrupted by Oswald's daughters and Oswald told his girls that he'll call them later. Then Oswald ask Lucinda if she was saying which Lucinda ask him sternly that she want the dirt or he's fired

Later at the end of the movie, she was called by Oswald if he got the story which he reformed and told her she's nothing, but a evil, selfish woman which he can't take it and quit his job. She wasn't heard again after Oswald quits.


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