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Lucius Heinous VII, (also known as Lucius Heinous the 7th, or simply Lucy) is the main antagonist of the show Jimmy Two-Shoes. Lucius Heinous is a red, demon-like creature who is the tyrannical ruler of Miseryville. His father was Lucius Heinous VI and has a rebellious son named Beezy J. Heinous. Lucius has had a rough childhood, which would explain his cruel nature. He later froze his father when he inherited Miseryville. He has an ever-ending rivalry against the always happy-go-lucky Jimmy Two Shoes.

He was voiced by Sean Cullen.


He hates and is disgusted by weavils because they pulled a prank on him and took his stuffed rabbit when he was young. He also dislikes anything that has to do with being fun and happy (unless it's fun and happy for him), this leads him to especially hate Jimmy since nothing ever seems to make him miserable. He doesn't get along with his father since he treated his son like Lucius does Beezy, and dislikes the rest of the family. While angry most of the time, Lucius really can't stand to lose at golf. When this happens, he ends up throwing a tantrum and having the entire course flooded. This has led to Samy helping him cheat, and his opponents letting him win. Also, when Heloise creates a new invention, he always takes credit for creating it.

Lucius has a holiday named "Lucius' Fools Day", on this day Lucius gets to spread even more misery through pranks.




  • It was confirmed by the show's creator himself that Lucius possessed the ability to warp reality, but he was shown to never use it on the show because he was too prideful to admit that he needed to use it.
  • He is very easily the smallest Heinous, something he's very insecure about.
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