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Lucky Helment: *Cackling* Nice try, but now it's my turn! Oh look! A tennis ball machine!
Anais: Hah! Good luck finding a power source for that.
Lucky Helment: Oh look! A generator!
Anais: Ok, maybe the helmet is magic after all. RUN!
~ The Helmet taking control of Gumball and Trying to keep it on Gumball by stopping his Sister and brother.

The Lucky Helmet is the main antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Helmet". Darwin made the helmet, and believed that it would make Gumball's life lucky. Which it did, but then when says that he wants to throw it away, the other members of his family use it, then it starts to tear apart his family, so Darwin and Anias decide to take it to the dump, so it will never haunt the family again. But Gumball wanted it back, so he secretly followed them to the dump to get his helmet back.

When he gets back, Darwin and Anias start to get very unlucky, and Gumball attacks Darwin in an attempt to get the Lucky Helmet back. Darwin then hits back a tennis ball that Gumball was shooting from a tennis ball machine. Gumball then chases after his helmet, but then both him and his helmet fell into the crusher, leaving his brother and sister in horror. They thought that he was dead, but they saw his shirt was holding him, while he was trying to reach for his helmet. Anias then told him that his family was nothing without him, so after feeling bad for himself, he let go of his helmet, and reached for Anias's hand. When he saw that the Lucky Helmet didn't go completely into the crusher, they all started throwing rocks at until it eventually fell into the crusher, destroying the Lucky Helmet, making them all fell happy that the helmet was finally gone.


Gumball Quotes:

Oh Yeah? *Cackling* I can Already Feel it's Power!



I just really need to cough. Better. AHA!

But Think of all the stuff we could do with it...

You'll Never hit me! I'm The Luckiest Man Alive!

Darwin Quotes:

Well,Good Ridence

Dude,Whats wrong with your voice?

C'mon Anais! Theres No Way you can miss him from there

Don't you worry about it,Just...Tell Mom and Dad I love them


Anais Quotes:

What The- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Give Me Your Hand!

Listen Gumball,The Helmet might be powerful but it's also EVIL.

It's Not Luck,It's just can't Throw very well.,

What? Darwin! NO!

Gumball,We're Nothing Without You. Now Give your other hand!


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