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Lucrecia Montesinos, also known by everyone as Lu, is the secondary antagonist through the first half of the Netflix thriller teen drama series Elite, serving as the secondary antagonist of the first two seasons and a major protagonist of the third season.

The daughter of a Mexican Ambassador in Spain, Lucrecia is a wealthy girl who attended Las Encinas. She is Guzmán's ex-girlfriend, Carla's best friend and Nadia's former archenemy-turned-friend.

She is portrayed by Danna Paola.


Lu strives to be the best and is highly competitive. When Nadia arrives, Lu, used to being number one in her class, sees her as a threat, and complains to the headmaster and her teacher about Nadia's hijab due to her prejudice about Islamic culture. She often blackmails people (like Martín, the English teacher) to get what she wants. Lu can be witty and humorous, but her friendly side is quickly overshadowed by her cockiness and ambition.


Season 1

Lu is introduced as one of the popular wealthy students at Las Encinas and Guzmán's girlfriend, both of whom are quick to look down on the new scholarship students Samuel, Christian and Nadia because of their poor background, but particularly Lu immediately views Nadia as a threat to her as she is very academically skilled. When Nadia catches them having sex in the school's showers, she quickly runs out just as they briefly glance at her. During a party hosted by Marina's parents for the scholarship students, Guzmán confronts Samuel after finding out that his brother vandalized their mansion with the word THIEF, directed at Guzmán's father, the owner of a building company who is responsible for the collapse of the previous institute Samuel, Christian and Nadia were attending, but Nano just makes everything worse when he shows up to defend his brother. Guzmán threatens to report Samuel to the principal, Azucena, but Nadia uses their shower sex as leverage against them to keep him quiet.

Fearing that Nadia will say something, Lu dares Guzmán to take Nadia's virginity as revenge and humiliate her in front of the entire school. However, Guzmán starts to genuinely develop feelings for Nadia, so he doesn't go through with the act when noticing that Nadia is drunk on his pool. After finding out about this, Lu, out of jealousy, tells Nadia about the bet. Hurt, she confronts Guzmán, who assures that it was all Lu's idea, but she doesn't believe him. In a bid to defend himself, Guzmán slut-shames her for trying to incite him into sex, but this only earns him a slap in the face by the offended Nadia, although later on they make up but stay friends for the time being.

Meanwhile, Lu does eveything in her power to stop Nadia from second-besting her after earning the top score. Lu bribes the teacher, Martín, by offering to help him adopt a child, using her father's connections, in exchange for the lifting of her grades and the winning of the academic excellence trophy. However, Martín starts having second thoughts about this, but by that time the adoption was already arranged. Lu tells Carla and Marina about her achievement, something that Marina uses against Martín to keep him from saying a word to Azucena about her excessive drug use at the school premises. However, after Samuel misinterprets a situation between Marina and Martín, believing him to be the person who got Marina pregnant (when it was actually his brother Nano), the truth comes out when Azucena intervenes, with Martín denying the pregnancy and Nadia exposing his bribery. Despite Lu falsely claiming she did not bribe Martín (even with Marina as a witness in earshot), Azucena is not fooled by her hypocrite lies and fires Martín right on the spot while giving Lu a two-month suspension from the school for her actions. Lu still tries to take the exam to win the trophy, telling the teacher she is on her right, but is immediately thrown out by Azucena, although she attends the school dance anyway, where she witnesses Marina winning the trophy, since Lu and Nadia, who was forcefully dragged out of the school by her strict father, were unable to take their exams.

After Marina is murdered by Polo, Lu is eyed as a suspect in the crime, but she ends up being innocent alongside Guzmán who is completely suffering the death of his sister. Lu does not hesitate to be on his side, since Guzmán had made a deal with Nadia's father to let her continue attending the school on the condition that she must not see or talk to him again. Guzmán blames Samuel for Marina's death as he had introduced her to Nano in the first place, only for Samuel to strike back that he had asked Guzmán for his help but was turned down as a result. Lu stops the fight and Guzmán storms off, then she tells Samuel not to return to the school ever again if he knows what's good for him, leading Samuel to grab her by the arm, remarking that she and other people like her were to believe that they own the world, at which point Lu leaves, Samuel sarcastically telling her he hopes seeing her class if they allow her back. Later on, Lu finds Guzmán on the edge of a bridge, about to commit suicide. She is able to convince him to come down, and Guzmán admits that he needs her, before kissing.

Season 2

Following a sad summer spent with Guzmán, who is still reeling from Marina's death, Lu returns to the school, bringing along her outgoing yet irresponsible half-brother Valerio, after spending some time away in boarding school due to bad behavior. Although Valerio intends on regaining Lu's affections, she is completely devoted to Guzmán trying to help him grieve from the loss. Seeing his vulnerability, Valerio offers drugs to Guzmán as an escape, something that Lu completely disapproves of. Valerio's plan at keeping them apart works, as the relationship is evidently waning due to Guzmán's constant drug use, which leads to turn to Valerio for comfort.

She is also wary of Samuel's return to the school, alongside Guzmán himself who remains hostile towards him and still believes that his broher killed Marina. After Samuel gets an envelope with enough money to pay the bail (from an unknown sender), Nano gets out of jail. Restless, Nano doesn't hesitate to show up at Las Encinas, causing Guzmán to fly into his vengeful rage and try to attack Nano, who tries to explain his innocence in Marina's murder, assuring that he truly loved and would never hurt her, while both of them are held back by Samuel and Guzmán's friends. Guzmán then threatens to kill Nano himself should he ever dare return to the school or anywhere near him or his friends. Angry at his brother's recklessness, Samuel drags Nano to the lockers, calling him out for always making everything worse and orders him to go home and stay there if he knows what's good for him. Despite taking care of the situation, the students (particularly Guzmán) are still apalled about the sudden incident, and keep wondering just what this means for them. "Let's hope you have the dog well tiep up", Lu mockingly remarks to Samuel. Azucena cuts her off and states that Nano is free until it is proven otherwise. "Or until he kills someone else", Guzmán coldly states.

At Rebeka’s Halloween party, Guzmán breaks up with Lu telling her that he had cheated on her with Nadia. In response, she slaps him and leaves, hearbroken. Once again, Lu turns to Valerio for support and the two make out and have sex but are interrupted by Samuel who accidentally walks in on them. Lu later tries to get even at both Samuel and Nadia: she intimidates Samuel into staying quiet about her relationship with Valerio and then blackmails Nadia into failing her exams or she would tell her parents about Guzmán. However, her plans fail as Nadia relays this information to Valerio, who convinces her to blackmail her back with "the Valerio thing", which she does, and Lu suspects Samuel to having told Nadia as she menacingly tells him "You're dead, you son of a b--ch!".

Meanwhile, Lu meets Cayetana, who pretends to be a wealthy student with her parents travelling a lot for business in order to be welcomed into the rich kids' inner cirlce, posting tons of selfies and is nicknamed a "social media guru". However, Lu is suspicious of her. She initially spends time with her after Carla, who is hiding the truth about Marina's murder, distances herself from her. Believing that Cayetana is the only person who never lied to her, Lu eventually accepts her as a friend, even getting invited at the elite parties with Lu's friends and keeps up the charade of being a rich girl. It turns to an end as Lu eventually finds out the truth during a fundraising party, thus publicly exposing Cayetana as a liar and concludes citing that she ends up getting betrayed by the people she loves. After Valerio records Guzmán and Nadia having sex in the showers, he sends it to Lu as proof that Guzmán has finally moved on from her. Instead, Lu sends it to the entire school out of spite, tecnically finishing what she had started with Guzmán and making Nadia a laughingstock. Upset by her actions and seeing her trash-talking her classmates, Valerio gets revenge by revealing their relationship to their parents during a family dinner.

When Samuel mysteriously goes missing, Nadia accuses Lu of driving him away as she had previously threatened him in the hall, which Lu truthfully denies because she was with Valerio that night. She is also among the students that are interrogated about Samuel. It is later revealed that Samuel and Guzmán, who now believes Nano's innocence, have conspired together to trap Carla into confessing to Polo's murder of Marina, resulting in his arrest, but later sudden release as Cayetana had secretly stolen the murder weapon with Polo's fingerprints in it. Polo then returns to the school, with Lu and the others silently staring at him.

Season 3



  • Felipe Montesinos - Father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Valerio Montesinos - Half-Brother


  • Carla Rosón - Best Friend
  • Nadia Shanaa - Former Rival and Archenemy turned Friend
  • Ander Muñoz
  • Omar Shanaa - Close Friend
  • Guzmán Nunier - Ex-Boyfriend and Close Friend
  • Malick
  • Laura Osuna
  • Ventura Nunier
  • Teo Rosón
  • Beatriz Caleruega
  • Yusef Shanaa
  • Imán Shanaa


  • Marina Nunier † - Former Friend (formerly)
  • Rebeka Parrilla (formerly)
  • Samuel García (formerly)
  • Polo Benavent † - Former Friend turned Enemy and Victim (formerly; forgiven)
  • Begoña Benavent (formerly)
  • Andrea Villada (formerly)
  • Cayetana Grajera
  • Christian Varela
  • Martín
  • Inspectora


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