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Lucille "Lucy" Anderson is a minor antagonist in Brickleberry. She is the rich yet obnoxious twin sister of Ethel Anderson, who is more successful and accomplished than she is. Her only appearance is in the episode "Little Boy Malloy".


In "Little Boy Malloy", Lucy called Ethel to brag about how she was riding on Al Pachino's private jet because her son Randy was going to be in his next movie and that her husband Hubert just sold his business so that they could buy a new island. Lucy asked Ethel how her life was going and on impulse, Ethel lied about having a family just to make herself look good and very swiftly screwed herself over as this got Lucy to say that she'd be coming down to visit straight away.

Ethel told all of Brickleberry that for her whole life, Lucy had it better than she did. A flashback montage showed Dr. Kuzniak favoring Lucy over Ethel as soon as they were born. As kids, all Ethel got for Christmas was a My Little Pony toy, while Lucy got a living, breathing, purebred unicorn. Ethel's mom just told her that Santa loves Lucy more. When they were teenagers in high school, Lucy got to go with prom with the hottest guy in school, while Ethel went with an idiot, who sang about how much he loved sex with her. Ethel desperately needed someone to pose as her husband but none of the men there volunteered, except for Denzel, who volunteered only to be rejected because he was black.

In the blink of an eye, Lucy and Hubert arrived at Brickleberry National Park, where they were politely greeted by Steve. Lucy immediately insulted Steve for being mentally challenged and then later went on to say that she hated the mentally challenged. Ethel flipped out and needed someone to play her his desperately. Her first instinct was to snatch up Malloy against his will and drag him to her cabin, where she'd shave him bald and dress him up in little boy clothes that she had in her cabin for some unknown reason. When Lucy and Hubert came in, Malloy was upset to look like such an idiot but Lucy was fooled. She asked where Ethel's husband was and before Ethel could admit to her lies, Connie came in, dressed as a man named "Connor".

Visiting with Ethel and "Connor", Lucy asked questions about Ethel's life and caused the latter to tie herself up in a web of lies. Ethel ended up throwing a drugged-up Malloy out of the car and into an elementary school to make it look like he was enrolled somewhere educational.

At a fancy restaurant, Ethel tried to tell more lies but got into a bit of trouble when her ex-boyfriend, Ken showed up. Connie distracted everybody by saying that this was her and Ethel's anniversary and gave her a beautiful necklace as a present, which Lucy actually ended up liking. Lucy and Hubert were convinced.

That night, Ethel was delighted to have held up this lie the entire time and finally succeeded against her sister for once. However, when Lucy and Hubert were about to leave, Connie knew that this meant she wouldn't get to be Ethel's "husband" anymore so she told Lucy and Hubert to stay longer so that they could see Malloy in the upcoming school play, much to Ethel's anger. Lucy and Hubert came back and stayed with them longer.

Later that night, Connie tried to make a move on Ethel but Ethel refused and Connie lashed out in rage at her for not giving her sex after all the nice things she did for her. Lucy came in to see what all the ruckus was about and Connie announced that she and Ethel were getting a divorce.

On the night of the play, Lucy told Ethel that there was no shame in her getting a divorce as long as she doesn't mind burning in Hell when he died. When the play started, Malloy was playing the male lead in Romeo and Juliet, while Colette was playing his love interest. Malloy went all Magic Mike on her and took her into the castle to have sex with her. Brant was in the audience and he got really mad and jealous to see Malloy making moves on his girlfriend like that and ran up on stage to attack him. Malloy fought back by going full-on bear on him, making all his fur fluff back out. Brant was horrified and Malloy killed him right there on stage in front of everybody, including Lucy and Hubert. When Connie tried to break up the fight, Malloy clawed her shirt off and revealed her breasts to everybody, letting Lucy know that "Connor" was actually a girl.

After that disaster of a play went down, Lucy and Hubert chastised, mocked, and insulted Ethel for having such a sorrowful and humiliating life. Ethel told her that she would be so lucky to have a life like hers but Lucy didn't agree and insulted her one last time before walking off with Hubert. Malloy was ashamed of Ethel for just sitting there and taking that from her sister but Ethel said that it was better to just be the bigger person. Malloy felt so disappointed in Ethel that he actually sympathized with her and decided to take matters into his own hands and get revenge on her behalf by trapping Lucy and Hubert in a glass box full of water and drowning them.


  • Lucy's name, especially in conjunction with Ethel's, is likely a reference to the vintage sitcom I Love Lucy.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Lucy said that she had a son named Randy, who was starring in an Al Pachino movie. However, "Randy" was inexplicably absent for the entirety of her family's visit with Ethel.


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