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Lucy Beale is a fictional character and recurring protagonist of the long running BBC British soap opera Eastenders.

Born in 1993, she started out as a minor character up towards 2004 until the following years saw the character become a major protagonist from then onwards up until she was killed-off in her own titular whodunit storyline dubbed "Who Killed Lucy Beale?". She later made posthumous appearences in 2015 and then in 2019-2020 respectively.

The character was portrayed by Melissa Suffield from 2004-2010 and later by Hetti Bywater from 2012 to 2014, with the latter also making posthumous appearences in 2015 and 2019-2020 respectively.


Lucy Beale was born at Albert Square in Walford, a fictional borough in East London, from 16th December 1993 - concieved by local businessman Ian Beale and his scheming wife Cindy. That same day, Lucy's twin brother Peter was also born and their grandfather Pete - also Ian's father - had been killed along with his girlfriend Rose Chapman in a tragic car accident.

From then onwards, Ian and Cindy raised the twins along with Lucy and Peter's half-brother Steven up until the couple saw their marriage collapse after Cindy had embarked on an affair with Ian's half-brother David Wicks behind his back. When Ian threatened to take custody of the children, Cindy decided to have him killed and hired a hitman named John Valecue to carry out the hit. Ian ends up getting shot, but he survived in the end and the police began to suspect Cindy of planning the incident. She then decided to flee the country with her children. After collecting the boys, however, Cindy found her efforts to collect Lucy obstructed from the police investigating her - she decided to leave Lucy behind and departed with both Peter and Steven. In the aftermath, Ian was left to raise Lucy with the help from his mother Kathy following Cindy's antics. However, Lucy was reunited with her brothers a year later when Ian's stepfather Phil Mitchell and his brother Grant helped track Cindy down in Italy and reclaimed the children from her. In 1998, Cindy was arrested for Ian's shooting and jailed; she later died in childbirth whilst concieving a baby girl, whom Ian named Cindy in honor of Lucy's late mother.

Over the next few years, Ian's efforts in raising Lucy and her brothers grew complicated as a result of his lifelong circuimstances - which included a short-lived wedding with his second wife Mel Healy after she discovered that he lied about Lucy having cancer. Other matters involved Ian being subjugated to financial bankruptcy, becoming a suspect in Phil's shooting alongside his two archenemies Steve Owen and Dan Sullivan respectively, having a problematic marriage with his third wife Laura Dunn that ends in disaster over the parentage of their newborn boy named Bobby.

By the time Lucy has become a preteen, she started to develop a rebellious attitude and would often clash with her brothers and their father about it. She does support Ian's relationship and eventual marriage with his fourth wife Jane Collins, who would end up becoming a mother figure to Lucy and Peter; the twins initially struggled to bond with Jane until they were convinced by their grandaunt, Pauline Fowler, to give her a chance for Ian's sake. In 2007, Lucy suspects that her late mother is alive when she begins to exhibit some of the latter's past mannerisms and finds herself recieving numerous pictures of her from unusual circuimstances. It is soon revealed, however, that Steven was behind this as he sought to get revenge on Ian over their past differences - which involved tormenting Lucy due to his jealously towards her over being their parents' favorite child. Later on Steven took Lucy hostage along with Ian and Jane before threatening to shoot them. In the end, he accidentally shot Jane and she was hospilatized; Jane survived and in the end Ian rebuked Steven for what he did to Jane and Lucy.

Over the next few years after Stevens departure, Lucy continues to settle her life with her family. This involved overcoming a few incidents when Lucy is nearly groomed by paedophile Tony King, being one of the youngsters to get held hostage in a cafe by local villain Nick Cotton, defending her father for being suspected in the murder of Phil's villainous uncle Archie Mitchell after fellow resident Janine Butcher incriminates him to avoid facing suspicion herself, and becomes romantically involved with Jane's brother Christian Clarke before discovering his affair with Syed Masood prior to the latter's wedding with Amira Shah. Eventually in 2010, Lucy leaves the square to focus on her studies and would be abscent throughout 2011.

In 2012, Lucy returned for the funeral of David's late mother Pat Evans and is outraged to learn that Ian is engaged to golddigger Mandy Salter. She attempts to sabotage their wedding and turn everyone against Mandy to no avail. On the day of his wedding, Lucy gives Ian a ultimatium - her or Mandy. She is distraught when he chooses Mandy, but then Mandy jilts Ian after admitting that she never fully loved him. Though she got what she wanted in the end, Lucy is unhappy that Ian chose his fiance over his daughter and disowns him. She refuses to acknowledge him when he suddenly disappears. By then Lucy is left to take care of Bobby and manage their father's businessnes, which proves challenging when career criminal Derek Branning begins extorting money from her. However, Derek is tricked by his son Joey into returning the money to Lucy. She also befriends young resident Whitney Dean after they initially clashed over the affections of Joey's friend Tyler Moon, but put their differences aside to help out Derek's niece Lauren - with whom both Lucy and Whitney have formed a close friendship with over the years. Ian eventually returns after being discovered homeless by his longtime friend Sharon Watts. At first Lucy wants nothing more to do with her father, but is persuaded by Sharon to give him a chance.

Soon enough, Lucy's friendship with Lauren becomes threatened when they clash over Joey's affections. Lucy soon begins planning to split them up by making Lauren's alcoholism become worse. She initially succeeds by spiking her drink, but the truth is eventually revealed. Later on Lucy's feud with Lauren continues when they confront each other in The Queen Victoria public house and Lauren ends up punching Lucy, who in turn has Lauren arrested but ultimately decides not to press charges against her. In 2013, Lucy supports Ian when he is terrorized by Derek's assosicate Carl White and is happy when Peter reemerges in the square after a long absence.

In 2014, Lucy begins to make several plans of her own that soon lead to some hostility from most of the neighbourhood. That same year Lucy is discovered to be having an affair with Lauren's father Max and is also forging a close friendship with her sister Abi. Later on one night, Lucy and Ian have an argument in which he claims that she is his favorite child - not knowing that Peter has overheard everything. By the next morning, Lucy is discovered to have been killed by an unknown assailant. Her death soon becomes public knowledge and her family morn her death, particularly Ian and Peter. On the day of her funeral, Ian confronts Max after discovering his affair with Lucy and accuses him of killing her.

It was then a long-running police investigation ensued over speculations as to who killed Lucy. In 2015, her killer was revealed to be Bobby. They had an argument and he ended up hitting her on the head with a tray, killing her as a result. Moments later, Jane discovered what had happened and covered-up the crime by moving Lucy's lifeless body to the woods. Soon enough, Ian learned the truth and the family resolved to protect Bobby at all costs as the other residents would gradually find out as well. As such, Kathy found out after returning to the square when it had transpired that she was alive and not dead from a car accident with her estranged ex-husband Gavin Sullivan several years ago. Soon enough Ian unwittingly helped incriminate Max for the crime after Phil's son, Ben, is falsely labelled as the prime suspect. Max's wrongful conviction is accomplished and he is sentenced to 20 years of life imprisonment, but is later quashed when Bobby confesses to killing Lucy in 2016 and is sent to prison for 4 years. Then in 2017, Max sought revenge against the square by conspiring with his boss James Willmott-Brown and the latter's business company Weyland & Co to takeover the square and then demolish it on behalf of his luxurious estate ambitions.

In 2019, Bobby was released from prison and he attempted to recoup adapting himself in the square. This eventually works out despite Bobby having a few nightmares over Lucy's murder from the past. At one point when he knocked out his former friend Denny Rickman Jr during an argument between them, Bobby endured flashbacks on the night he killed Lucy.



  • As a toddler before her childhood, Lucy Beale was played by Eva Brittin-Snell from 1993 to 1996 and later by Casey Anne Rothery from 1996 to 2004.
  • She made a total of 840 throughout her time on the show.