Lucy Hendrix

Lucy Hendrix is the main villainess from "Shooting in Rome," episode 12.08 of Murder, She Wrote.

She was played by Lisa Banes.

Lucy Hendrix is the script consultant for a film based on one of Jessica Fletcher's novels; a film that was shooting in Rome. Lucy was also in an on-and-off relationship with the film's stunt coordinator, Webb Prentiss, who actually studied under Lucy's late father. Lucy's father, a stuntman, died four years prior to the events in an accident, but after hearing Webb uttering things in a drunken state, she came to the conclusion that Webb killed Lucy's father.

With that, Lucy planned a murderous revenge, and late one night, the villainess snuck into the motor pool and switched the transmission gears, and also tampered with the stunt car's speedometer--which would make Webb believe he was going faster than he actually was. Shown under the cover of darkness, the evil Lucy sabotaged a ramp that was part of the stunt, doing so with a blow torch. Lucy actually panicked when it was heard that Gary Hayes would be driving the stunt car, but after Webb paid Gary to replace him, her plot went as planned. Thanks to Lucy's sabotage, Webb crashed into a stack of cars and was killed.

Lucy was revealed as the killer when she was caught by Jessica looking for the transmission gear, after overhearing that the stunt car would be inspected by police. After she was turned in to police, Lucy confessed everything, and stated that she would do it again if she could.