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Lucy Strickland

We were best friends, and when a friend hurts you, it's like everything else in you hurts. And I couldn't take it anymore.
~ Lucy Strickland explaining why she killed Connie Briggs

Lucy Strickland is the main villainess from "Wheels Up", episode 9.12 of CSI: Miami.

She was portrayed by Johanna Braddy, who also played Shelby Wyatt on Quantico.


Lucy Strickland is the best friend and roommate of roller derby player Connie "Wrath of Connie" Briggs, but it was later revealed that both Lucy and Connie had aspirations of joining the roller derby; in fact, Lucy was the one who suggested that they do so. During tryouts, though, Lucy wore steel pads in a desperate attempt to gain an advantage, and the impact of her hits caused her to break Connie's rib. Connie ended up making the roller derby team over Lucy, and following this, Lucy became jealous of Connie and was upset that they weren't talking as much.

Lucy returned to the locker room to clear out her stuff, and she encountered Connie while she was throwing up (later revealed to be caused by ipecac poisoning from an outside party). She asked Connie to help her out with some moves so she could try to make it next season, only for Connie to respond that Lucy isn't fierce enough to be part of roller derby. Enraged by her friend's criticism, Lucy took one of her metal pads and struck Connie's back, which caused the already broken rib to rupture a vital organ and caused her to bleed out to death.

After killing Connie, the evil Lucy attempted to label Connie's abusive boyfriend, Jake McGrath, as Connie's killer. However, Lucy was revealed as a villainess when Delko and Natalia found her equipment, including the steel pads. Lucy continued to convince them of Jake's guilt, but after Connie's DNA was found on one of the pads, the villainess finally confessed to killing Connie, while accusing Connie of (in her words) abandoning her. Following her confession, Lucy was handcuffed and arrested for Connie's murder.


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