Luda Mae Hewitt is the head of the Hewitt family in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake continuity and therefore the de-jure main antagonist taking the place of Drayton Sawyer from the original. She is Thomas Hewitt's (Leatherface's) adoptive mother and the biological sister/mother of Charlie Hewitt, who are the d'e-facto main antagonists of the film. 


Luda May runs a local butcher shop in Texas, selling meat from the people her son Hoyt captures and her adoptive son Thomas kills and cuts up, and is the first member of Leatherface's family that the teenaged protagonists meet in the first film. Unlike in the original film, in which Leatherface's family was somewhat abusive to him, Luda May is fiercely protective of him. Part of her hatred towards the teenagers is due to the abuse that her deformed, mute, mentally retarded son suffered as a child at the hands of bullies. 

Though Luda May states that she "never had a little girl", she appears very close to the character of Henrietta, leading to the possibility that she is her mother, or at the very least related. She also appears very close to the obese character of the Tea Lady. Like the other members of her clan, Luda May has a deranged sense of family pride.


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