The Maestro gains his prize, because of me.
~ Ludovico's dying words.

Ludovico Orsi is an Antagonist that appears in the video game Assassin's Creed II, being one of the two main Antagonists of the "Battle of Forli" downloadable content pack. He, along with his brother Checco Orsi, originally loan sharks and hitmen for hire, are the ones responsible for the Templar invasion of Forli.

The brothers were once hired by Caterina Sforza to kill her own husband Girolamo Riario, after finding out that he was a Templar. Riario, who was already in debt to the Orsi brothers, was stabbed to death by them during a meal.

Later, Rodrigo Borgia hired them to kill Caterina and obtain the map of remaining Codex pages by Girolamo Riario and the Apple of Eden, an artifact stolen from him by the Assassin Ezio Auditore in Venice.

The Orsi brothers agreed, and laid siege to the city of Forlì. In the progress, they captured two of Caterina's children, Ottaviano and Bianca. Checco left Ludovico responsible for guarding Ottaviano, who he held captive on top of a lighthouse.

After having rescued Bianca, Ezio climbed the lighthouse, killed Ludovico, and released the boy.

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