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Could our situation be any better? Just look at these fragile defenses... As fragile as the queen’s reign!
~ Ludveck

Ludveck is a major antagonist Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The Duke of Felirae, Ludveck loathed Crimea's newly-crowned Queen Elincia. Believing himself to be a more suitable monarch, Ludveck exploited public distrust and instigated a rebellion against Elincia to depose her and install himself on the throne.


Ludveck is a young man with a broad face, short brown hair, and matching eyes. He is clad in a suit of white armor with gold accents.


Ludveck possesses charisma and outwardly appears personable, traits which instilled a strong loyalty in his subjects. However, these aspects hid a cold cunning, arrogance, and lack of sympathy towards others. Ludveck immediately detested Elicia for what he perceived as cowardice and an inability to make difficult decisions, qualities needed in a strong ruler. He also saw her compassion, including towards the Crimean people, as a weakness. In contrast, Ludveck viewed his followers as disposable pawns and was perfectly willing to sacrifice them in his goal of becoming king.

The only things Ludveck seemed to care for were the nation of Crimea and Elincia's vassal Lucia. However, any professed love he had for his country may have been stated to legitimize simple greed for the crown. In addition, when Lucia proved to be a genuine threat to his plans, Ludveck lost all affection towards her and immediately used her as a tool against Elincia.


When Daein successfully emancipated itself from the Begnion Empire, Elincia recognized the country and it's new king Pelleas as legitimate. This decision was poorly received by the Crimean public, as only a year prior Daein's previous ruler, the Mad King Ashnard, began his namesake war by brutally invading their country. When Elincia sent her most trusted vassal, Duke Bastian, to Daein as an envoy, Ludveck took advantage of Crimea's growing resentment. He ordered his servant Yeardley to lead several soldiers from town to town, conducting rallies against Elincia and encouraging citizens to rebel.

Elincia's retainers, Lucia and Geoffrey, became suspicious of Ludveck's campaign, but only had circumstantial rumors to go off of until Yeardley held a rally in Ohma. As Yeardley convinced many young villagers to take arms against their queen, he was confronted by Nephenee and Brom, who fought alongside Elincia during the Mad King's War and vouched for her good character. The rally quickly turned violent, forcing the two soldiers to defend themselves. After killing Yeardley, Nephenee and Brom reported the incident to Lucia and Geoffrey. Before acting on this news, Elincia met with Ludveck in Felirae under the pretense of taking several laguz on a tour of the region, then raided a nearby cave the night after. With written proof in her possession, Elincia tasked Geoffrey and the Crimean Royal Nights with apprehending Ludveck. However, Ludveck anticipated his arrest and led his army to target Elincia at the capital, leaving a defensive force in Felirae as a sacrificial decoy.

Upon learning that Elincia was moved to Fort Alpea for her protection, Ludveck's forces immediately changed course. Ludveck himself also disrupted Lucia's informant network, killing a messenger and capturing Lucia herself. Ludveck's assault on the fort failed due to Elincia's forces and the returning Royal Knights, and Ludveck was imprisoned. In response, his subordinates constructed a gallows outside Alpea, and Ludveck warned Elincia that Lucia would be killed unless she released him. To Ludveck's shock, Elincia refused, wanting to do right by her people even if it meant losing a vassal. In addition, Lucia was from death at the last second by the Greil Mercenaries, sent by Bastian. His schemes ruined, Ludveck presumably remained imprisoned for the rest of his days.


That means about 2,000 are left in the capital... That's more than I’d expected. …Hmm, I suppose it can't be helped. The column headed toward Felirae is primarily cavalry, is it not?
~ Ludveck to a rebel on the Crimean Royal Knights
In that case, the forces at the capital will be led by the queen's confidante, Lady Lucia. This is most perfect. The soldiers remaining at Castle Felirae have been given detailed instructions...false instructions, I might add. …The dear pawns. They are so very heroic, and so very disposable.
~ Ludveck reveals his decoys
..Oh? The queen's taken command? I expected her to abandon her people, turn tail, and run for the hills. How preciously naïve. We shall have to teach her that being overly optimistic can be fatal.
~ Ludveck outside of Fort Alpea
The day is upon us... A day that will stand proudly in the history of Crimea. Today, a weak queen falls...and a new king prevails!
~ Ludveck battling beorc outside Fort Alpea
Throwing laguz into the ranks? How very like the queen.
~ Ludveck battling laguz outside Fort Alpea
Looking quite gallant, aren’t we? I thought you would surely be fleeing by now... or pleading for your life. I must commend you on your unexpected bravery.
~ Ludveck battling Elincia outside Fort Alpea
Oh, I see... Self-sacrifice, is it? How very honorable of you. By the way, Your Majesty, Lady Lucia is often in your company. Wherever could she have gone to?
~ Ludveck hinting at Lucia's abduction
Oh my, you look pale. You two grew up like sisters... You must be worried, then? Ha! Yet another facet of your weakness.
~ Ludveck mocking Elincia's concern for Lucia's safety
A heron on the battlefield? And I thought I'd seen it all... Just as weak as the queen, I imagine.
~ Ludveck battling Leanne outside Fort Alpea
Ho ho… It's the valiant Geoffrey. I assume, General, that you have yet to hear about Lady Lucia?
~ Ludveck battling Geoffrey outside Fort Alpea
Well... I could tell you, but what would that gain me? Now, if you were to turn on the queen and grovel at my feet, I might reconsider telling you.
~ Ludveck mocking Geoffrey's concern for Lucia's safety
Elincia! I yield to you! Please... You may imprison me. Your Majesty, be merciful! Spare our lives. We surrender our weapons.
~ Ludveck upon his defeat
Queen Elincia, you’re so naïve. Cold and callous decisions are sometimes required of a nation’s ruler. …I was testing you. We all wanted to know if our queen would have the power to stop a civil war. But, no, you were too hesitant and too concerned about harming the people... Now look what has happened. The rule of Crimea cannot be kept in your hands! Please, Your Majesty! You must abdicate and cede the crown to me! And considering Lady Lucia's life is on the line, you haven’t much choice. Now, let’s have you free me from this prison cell, and then we can discuss any further details...
~ Ludveck demanding his release
…Ha... Ha ha ha ha! Well played, Your Majesty! Indeed, I have failed. Yet I wonder... Are you capable of watching Lucia die? Or will you crawl back to me, your face awash with tears, begging for mercy? How I pray to see that face, Your Majesty!
~ Ludveck after Elincia refuses his demands


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