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Welcome aboard. From zis study I have observed your every move. But you do not obey! Prepare to die!
~ Ludwig von Tökkentäkker before the final fight

Professor Ludwig von Tökkentäkker is the main antagonist and final boss of the arcade rail shooter CarnEvil. He is the ringleader of the dreaded carnival. In the game's "attract mode", where in a graveyard in Iowa, his tombstone holds a token. The token can bring CarnEvil out of the underworld.


After the player (or players, depending on whether one or two people play) manage to get through the first three areas (Haunted House, Rickety Town and Freak Show), they will gain access to the main area: the Big Top.

After surviving his onslaught of killer clowns, mimes, poodles and clown doctors (where it's revealed that he has planned to put the protagonist's brain into a gorilla), he reveals himself and sends his flunky, Umlaut, to take care of him.

When Umlaut dies, the player chases Tokkentakker around his airship, miles above the carnival, while avoiding his gunshots and skeleton soldiers. Eventually the player corners him at the end of the airship, where he resorts to tossing bombs and shooting fireworks. After enough damage has been dealt, Tokkentakker falls into the blades of the ship, chopping him to bits and causing the airship to explode.

Though presumed dead at first, the game's protagonist reinserts the token. Presumably, he is brought back to life.