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Lugo is a high-ranking member of the Thinknet cyber-doomsday cult and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Zero-One: REALxTIME.

His digital avatar looks similar to his real life appearance. Using a special Abaddonriser, Lugo transforms into a customized Kamen Rider Abaddon.

He was portrayed by Yu Koyama.


Lugo logging onto Thinknet from the real world.

On the day of Thinknet's global assault, Lugo led a team of Kamen Rider Abaddons alongside Buga in gassing people with nanomachines so they would be assimilated into the virtual world. They were soon confronted by the forces of A.I.M.S., but easily got the better of them thanks to their superior numbers.

While Lugo and the other Abaddons were able to hold the other Riders at bay, Zero-One got past them and went to confront S in the arena Thinknet had taken as their base. During the fight, S brought down his modified Thousand Jacker and created an explosion that leveled the arena. When the smoke cleared S had disappeared without trace, leaving the members of his inner circle mystified as to what had happened. While Bell led a group of remaining Thinknet members to S's location, Lugo and the other high-ranking Abaddons faced off against the AIMS and MetsubouJinrai.NET Riders.

As Zero-One and Zero-Two attempted to stop S and Bell from bringing about doomsday, Lugo and the other two Thinknet leaders led the remaining Abaddons against Kamen Riders Vulcan, Valkyrie, Horobi, Jin and Thouser. Lugo led a team of Abaddons in attacking Vulcan on a bride, but Vulcan managed to evade them and hit them all with an attack as Rampage Vulcan. This did little to faze Lugo as he simply logged back and regained his Abaddon avatar. As Vulcan rendezvoused with Valkyrie and Thouser, Lugo and Moore then led a group of Abaddons against them. After Thouser finished off the remaining Abaddons with a Jacking Break, Lugo and Moore were finished off when Vulcan and Valkyrie rushed up to them and hit them each at point blank range with a shot from their Shotrisers, with Vulcan's shot destroying Lugo for good.

After doomsday was averted, Lugo was tracked down and arrested by the police.



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