Luigi Vampa

Luigi Vampa is the leader of a band of thieves in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. He acts as the antagonist of the first few episodes, and later as one of the Count's henchmen.

Role in the Story

Initially, he is only mentioned in conversations. However, Luigi eventually appears onscreen when one of his henchmen wonders whether or not the captive Albert de Morcerf should be killed, which he responds with "Kill him.". When the Count of Monte Cristo confronts Luigi, however, he finds out about Gankutsuou and he tries to kill the Count, although the Count seemingly pulls out the knife without effort. The struggle with the Count would leave Luigi with only a single eye left. However, it is heavily implied that during that battle, he and the Count made an alliance with one another, using Peppo, a young transgendered girl working for Luigi and his bandits, to monitor Albert's movements and make sure that the Count's plans were going swimmingly. Luigi eventually reappears again at the Count's abandoned villa to help inform Albert of just that.

Later on, Luigi and his mistress would commandeer a rocket that Baron Danglars would use to escape with what money he had left, leaving the Count to contend with Baron Danglars himself.

After the final battle between the Count and Albert, Luigi saw no point in staying in Paris and chose to go back to Luna with his fellow bandits.


Luigi is a human with green hair and a green beard. He is surprisingly tall, taller than even Bertuccio, and has the physique to match his size, albeit not entirely. Luigi eventually loses his right eye after the Count stabs him there, so when he appears again, where is right eye used to be is covered. He also has a scar over his left eye.


Often very serious, it is practically a guarantee that whenever he says something, he means it. Luigi never jokes around, either. Luigi's main personality trait, however, is his punctuality. Thus, he will do whatever it takes to reach a deadline or to have others reach one, in many ways making his rather honest for a bandit. However, he is quite cowardly and will freeze up if confronted by someone tougher than himself.




  • Luigi, Baptistin, Bertuccio, and Andrea are the only significant members of the Count's group of henchmen that are evil. However, Andrea and Luigi are the only ones that remain evil throughout the series.
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