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Luke is the main antagonist in the sixth season of Skins.


Luke first appears when the gang is on vacation in Morocco, during the party who Franky takes an interest in, they both dance together and begin flirting with each other. Luke then invites them to a party they're holding later that night, although Franky sit by herself at a nearby beach, Luke joins her and tells her "[she] doesn't owe anybody anything" and offers her to run away with him, she agrees and leaves the party with him.

Liv is later warned by a man mentioning Luke, revealing he's a drug dealer and "very, very bad." Ultimately Matty, Liv and Grace are pursued in a car-chase, which ends with Matty accidentally driving off a cliff and puts Grace in a coma and eventually dies. Luke drops Franky off and tells her to "go find him" in Bristol.

After a few months have passed, Franky meets up with Luke at a pub, he takes her to the car park and is shown getting into fights. They get into a sexual relationsip and he demands her to forget about Grace's demise. When another fight occurs, Nick comes and attemps to rescue Franky, however Luke shows up, beats up Nick and leaves with Franky. Later, Matty calls Franky, causing Luke to angrily throws her phone out of the car. They have sex but he doesn't let her look at him and he becomes more hostile.

When Franky leaves him, he shows up and he tells her that he loves her and he wants her to leave with him but she just says "goodbye". He yells that she can't leave him when she walks away with her dad. He has no futher appearances in future episodes. 


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