Lumina & Verona are minor villains in the anime/manga; Bleach. They are presumably brother and sister, that serve as Szayel Aporro Granz's Fracción.


Lumina and Verona are short and obese arrancars that are practically identical. Lumina is the female and has two black pigtails, one on each side. While Verona is a male with one black ponytail.


While Szayel Aporro Granz was fighting Renji Abarai, Lumina and Verona arrived to inform their master that Aaroniero was killed. After informing Szayel Aporro, both of them watched the 8th Espada fight Renji. They continued watching the fight when Uryū Ishida arrived to assist Renji. 

Szayel devouring Lumina....

Szayel devouring Lumina to restore himself.

After sustaining serious damage, Szayel grabbed Lumina and processed to eat her, resulting in him healing all his wounds. Witnessing this, Verona started crying. Szayel then told him to stop crying, and that he would make a new Lumina. This caused Verona to calm down. After Szayel Aporro left, Verona followed him. Verona, along with the rest of Szayel Aporro's Fracción status's is currently unknown.


Both Verona and Lumina's personalities are near identical. They both have a habit of repeating the words that they've already said. They also seem to hate it when negative things happen to each other.

Powers and Abilities

It unknown was powers Verona and Lumina actually have, nor how high their spiritual pressures are. Asides from the restorative effect Lumina had on Szayel when eaten by him, she and Verona never use any abilities of their own.


  • Lumina and Verona are the only Arrancars without a hollow mask.
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