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The one you thought was Mags was none other than me: Luminous, evil overlord of the Light Element! Ahahahaha!
~ Luminous

Luminous is a villain who appears in Skylanders: Trap Team. He appears in the Sunscraper Spire level, and a Light element trap is required to play as him.


Luminous is a cunning, devious, manipulative and ruthless overload of Light. He greatly fears the dark and sought a source so powerful no dark could extinguish it, Luminous was very intelligent and was able to manipulate the Skylanders into freeing him from his prison.


Being from the element of Light, Luminous has always feared the dark. Even his own shadow used to frighten him so he became determined to find a source of light so powerful and bright, no darkness, not even shadow, exists. This quest drove him quite mad and he set out to destroy all who opposed him. Finally, he managed to find what he was looking for - The Starlight. A source of light and energy so great, darkness could never escape. But it was protected by the Skylanders and Luminous was unable to get his hands on it.

When the entire Light Realm became cut-off from the rest of Skylands, Luminous seized the opportunity and tried once again to steal this Starlight but what he didn’t know was that a Skylander of the Light Element, Knight Light, was left behind as well. After an intense battle over several days, Knight Light was able to imprison Luminous in Sunscraper Spire where he remains to this day. Just hope nobody lets him out.

Skylanders: Trap Team

In Skylanders: Trap Team, he takes the guise of Mags in order to convince the Skylanders to reanimate the Sunscraper Spire. When his power is restored, he reveals himself and fights the Skylanders, though even with his restored power he is defeated. He accepts defeat and willingly dives head first into the vortex that leads to a Light Trap.


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