The one you thought was Mags was none other than me: Luminous, evil overlord of the Light Element! Ahahahaha!
~ Luminous Rising to Power
Luminous is a villain who appears in Skylanders: Trap Team. He appears in the Sunscraper Spire level, and a Light element trap is required to play as him.


Being from the element of Light, Luminous has always feared the dark. Even his own shadow used to frighten him. So he became determined to find the source of light so intense that no amount of darkness could exist in its presence. This quest drove him glaringly mad and he set out to destroy all who opposed him. 

The villain came across Radiant City and immediately set his sights on the Starlight, which is the city's source of light, wisdom and vast energy. Luminous attacked Radiant City to take the Starlight for himself, only to be locked in combat with the city's protector, Knight Light. After an epic battle that lasted several days, Knight Light defeated Luminous, who was soon imprisoned within Sunscraper Spire to prevent him from threatening Skylands.

In Trap Team

In Skylanders: Trap Team, he takes the guise of Mags in order to convince the Skylanders to reanimate the Sunscraper Spire. When his power is restored, he reveals himself and fights the Skylanders, though even with his restored power he is defeated. He accepts defeat and willingly dives head first into the vortex that leads to a Light Trap.

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