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Luna is the secondary antagonist from the game Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters who worked with Emperor Otto Destruct.

She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan.


She first appeared taking pictures of Ratchet on the beach at Pokitaru, claiming to be doing a project about heroism. While there, she learned about Qwark's endeavor to find his parents, which Otto Destruct would exploit in order to manipulate him. After getting him to fight some robots she was "kidnapped". Ratchet and Clank pursue her to Kalidon, where she formally introduces herself. Ratchet becomes suspicious as Luna's voice suddenly matures, and she suddenly zaps Clank, knocking him out. Ratchet is also knocked out off screen and taken to a laboratory, and Clank is placed on Metalis, a junkyard planet.

While Ratchet was unconscious in the laboratory, his DNA was extracted. Clank rescues Ratchet, and before leaving the lab, they find a transmission of Luna conversing with Emperor Otto Destruct, revealing that he planted fake evidence to trick Qwark. Through the coordinates found on the message, they track her down to Challax, where they learn that she is a robot, but she immediately flees with built-in rockets and Ratchet and Clank followed her to Dayni Moon. Upon finding her, they confront her and she explains that the technomites planned to make an army from Ratchet's DNA, claiming that their reason is that the technomites are not credited properly for their inventions. She attempts to kill Ratchet and Clank but is defeated. Clank interfaces with her remains to get coordinates from her data, but the security electrocuted him and is knocked out. Ratchet revives him and they obtain the information they needed.



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