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Bunny Idol Luna

Luna is a character from the Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos video game. She is part of the secondary antagonists, like Hyumina, Aine, and Aryutta.


Luna's costume carries a rabbit motif, and she wears a dress made out of bunnies and has very long pink hair. Luna loves to sing and dance and is an idol for bunnies all around the world. She one day wished to do a live show with her bunnies.


Luna fights using her musical tools. Such as using a microphone and its chord as a whip, or a microphone stands as a staff. She can summon carrots to stab her opponents, and her rabbits can come off her outfit to swarm and attack her opponents. She can also fly using her microphone stand.

She can also summon the heart-shaped energy and can put on a concert to finish her opponents. She uses the stage fireworks to blast her opponents and she uses her dance moves to hit her opponents. She can even damage her foes with her singing voice.


  • Luna's name and her use of bunnies may be a reference to the Japanese belief that the visible craters on the Moon's surface look like a rabbit.
  • Despite the similarities of their names, Luna has no connection to Luna Luna.
  • She has a resemblance with the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, especially from her Sakura Miku persona. Also, both Luna and Miku are voiced by the same voice actress, Saki Fujita (Japanese).
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