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Luna is a minor antagonist in The Boondocks, appearing in the episode "Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch".

She was voiced by Aisha Tyler.


Luna is a beautiful woman who Grandad Freeman met on an online dating website, and eventually invited over for the weekend, despite his grandsons, Huey and Riley, advising against it.

When Luna first arrives, she seems very friendly and funny, but things go sour at dinner: Luna reveals that she is a master of the deadly art of White Lotus Kung Fu, and has fought in a death match tournament known as the Kumite. Luna shows that she is indifferent to the homicidal actions, terrifying the Freemans.

Grandad comes up with an elaborate lie to get Luna to leave, and she takes the bait, but a hole in the excuse is pointed out by her friend Nicole while Luna was explaining why she was coming home early on her bluetooth. Furious, Luna heads back to spy on Grandad, and hearing him call her crazy, she follows Nicole's advice to torture him.

After threatening/talking to Grandad (and a neighbour who showed up to check on the Freemans at Huey's request,) Luna reveals her sad past, as she grew up with a father who was abusive to her mother and had multiple horrible relationships with abusive men, ultimately making her emotionally unstable when dealing in love.

Grandad gives a lecture to Luna, telling her to take charge of her own life and stop letting herself be abused. Inspired, she let the family go and leaves peacefully. However, Nicole calls and complains about how Luna was "ditched" even after she told him her life story, and says if she was in Luna's situation, she "would just die". Devastated, Luna blows herself up in her car with a grenade.



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