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The Lunch Club Pantheon are a murderous group of monstrous gods who originated from the youtube channels of the youtube group named Lunch Club. While their goals are unknown they are not opposed to killing innocents to get what they want.


Big Lion

Big Lion, also known as Shack, has an overarching arm of darkness. After terrorizing the innocents, he revealed himself to be Big Lion. People then quickly made churches for Big Lion so that he didn't kill everyone. Seems to be radioactive as he causes baldness in one notable man. He then goes to war with Pheb, he easily wins by throwing a nuke at her with his shadow arm.

Merciless Sun God

The Merciless Sun God, also known as The Color Pallet, hangs around a theme park named Sans World, where he goes around pulling peoples pants down. He is a giant yellow sun with legs and arms who people want to take pictures with. Just as humans act around apes, the sun god acts around mortals, he is incredibly intelligent. If anyone insults him or the theme park he forces them to ride The Yawning Abyss for 10 years.


Me duele mi cabeza. (In English: My head hurts.)
~ Necropig
Necropig is an extremely strange entity. He seems to be trapped in some type of dream dimension terrorizing the locals, waiting for his awakening on earth. He is a giant black centaur like creature with blood shot eyes, and a gun always in his hand that he never uses, he can also fly.

Dasani Water Bottle

Drink from me and you will taste the dryness of a thousand suns, attack me if you dare!
~ Dasani Water Bottle
Dasani Water Bottle is extremely dry, this dryness of "a thousands suns" dehydrates anyone he fights.


He is a very mysterious entity, he has the head of a dragon, possibly being a mask, and wears leather clothes dyed pink. However unlike the other deities, he seems benevolent, as he helped heroes on a quest to defeat a dragon, even giving them the information to go through a portal to the dragons lair. Rephys is his possible name.



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