The Lunch Lady Ghost, also known simply as The Lunch Lady, is a villain in Danny Phantom.


The Lunch Lady is normally fairly sweet, but when her menu is changed she turns vicious. She has a particular fondness for meat.


The Lunch Lady has the ability to control meat, and likely other types of food. She can also control plates, ovens, and other kitchen items. She can use the meat she controls to turn herself into a giant meat monster and to create minions that reform when they are destroyed.


The Lunch Lady made her first appearance in the very first episode of Danny Phantom, "Mystery Meat." When Sam successfully campaigns for the lunch menu to become ultra-recyclo-vegetarian, the Lunch Lady's fury is brought forth. Danny eventually defeats her by capturing her in the Fenton Thermos, marking it's first use.

In "The Ultimate Enemy", she is married to the Box Ghost and has a daughter, Box Lunch. Though because this happened in an alternate future, it is unknown if this relationship will exist in the current future.

She helped turn the planet intangible in "Phantom Planet".


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