You haven't seen the last of me!
~ Lurke to the Rescue Riders before flying off in "Boo to You".

Lurke, also known as the Phantom Fang, is the secondary antagonist of the first season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. He is the leader of a Slinkwing Trio who enjoy causing trouble just for the sake of it, his henchmen being Snoop, and Vizza.



Not much is known of Lurke's past, but it is revealed that he has been terrorizing the village of Huttsgalor and inspired the legend of the Phantom Fang. It also turns out that he, Snoop, and Vizza, have been trying to raid Grumblegard's home for years.

Dragons: Rescue Riders

In "Boo to You", a woman named Marena tells the story of a terrible ghost named the Phantom Fang and assures the Rescue Riders that he is real. Eventually, they face the Phantom Fang who turns out to be a Slinkwing named Lurke, who combats the Rescue Riders and flees, but not before telling them that he will be returning soon.

In "Home Alone", the Rescue Riders saved the three lost eggs and brought them to the lighthouse. The three Slinkwings lied that those are their agge. Burple, Cutter and Arggo gave them the egg, but when Burple, Cutter and Arggo noticed it is a trick, they got the eggs back to the lighthouse.

In "Grumblegard", the Foreverhorn, Grumblegard went to the village to destroy it, the Rescue Riders asked the Slinkwings for help. They spat slime at Grumblegard and to invade his island.  The Rescue Riders freed Grumblegard and went to his island to stop the Slinkwings.


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