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Prototype 708 also known as Luz is one of the mayor antagonists (alongside Segundo Mehija and Dóminus) in Yo Soy Franky, serving the secondary-antagonist-turned-mayor protagonist in Season Three.

That android is hiding something..
~ Paul about Luz.
Salve, Dóminus. Here calls prototype 708.
~ 708/Luz’s most famous line.



Luz appears once she lands in 2016. She sees Franky and Christian together and disappears. Next day she camouflages herself into an 2016 android with a dress. She traps herself and sends Franky a message so she might come rescue her. Franky takes her home and asks her mum if the android can stay. Her mum agrees. Franky and Clara name her "Luz". From then she is known as Luz Andrade. She informs Dóminus about her success.

Plan #1

Once Chris is on TV, telling that he had an android girlfriend that forgot about all she survived, Luz tells that she is the girlfriend of Chris and they go on TV. Luz goes to the bathroom and contacts Dóminus. She tells him that she becoming Christian’s girlfriend can make her breakup Franky and Chris. She encounters Chris and kisses him on TV and Chris tells she isn’t his girlfriend. Sofia angrily takes them home, she asks Luz that she didn’t lose her memories, if she might she wouldn’t remember the laboratory she was created in.

Reparing Luz

Sofia knows that Luz is hiding something and she decides to repare Luz, meanwhile Sofia is loging in, Luz hypnotizes her and contacts Dóminus. He informs her that Franky and Chris will marry on the moon and that half of the guests are androids and the rest are humans that live with androids in peace. Luz asks him if she should eliminate Sofia, Dóminus falls in anger, he tells Luz that Sofia created him and if she gets eliminated he might never exist and Luz would never go back in time. Luz opens her system and undoes the hypnotic event, she tells that Sofia fixed her, Sofia does not remember and gets confused.

Breaking Up Franky and Christian

Luz contacts Dóminus, and Dóminus tells her that the day she is in, is the day when Franky and Chris become a couple again. He orders her to be very close to Franky. But Delphina invites Franky to tell her something and Luz contacts Dóminus and asks what to do. Dóminus sends her an application, and orders her to transfer it to Franky’s system. Luz does it of course, and her work is done.

New Goal

She informs Dóminus about her success, but Dóminus tells her that it’s not over yet, that she must make sure that Trece and Tamara never become a couple. From then Luz pretends that she is in love with Trece.

Weird Situation

Luz makes sure Tamara and Trece are far away from there self, and contacts Dóminus. Then they almost disappear cause EG was almost closed. Then Dóminus informs Luz that Franky and Chris reunited, and he tells Luz to be very careful.

Captured By Sunrise

Next day Franky gets a list that has a map and tells that Franky’s memories are there. Franky and Luz go searching for the chip. Then they get kidnapped by Doctor Carl, a scientist from Sunrise. He wants to copy the systems of Franky and Luz, so he might be able to create androids like them and he might get back his work in Sunrise. But Luz gives him a hand, and he falls on the ground. Luz and Franky escape home.




  • She’s the only female android antagonist, including Doce.
  • She was created by Franky
  • She comes from the future, From the year 2035