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Villain Overview

O great Lycans,
The fabled monster wolves of old.
May they come to eat our flesh.
May they come to tear us apart.
~ A villager's letter on the Lycans.

The Lycans are feral creatures and recurring antagonists in the 2021 first person horror videogame Resident Evil Village. They were inhabitants of the Eastern Europe village under the rulership of Mother Miranda, who experimented on the villagers in an act to find a vessel for her late daughter, Eva. Mother Miranda unleashed the creatures on the village in order to prevent anyone from interfering with her plans to revive her daughter. With the host and the parasite rejecting one another, the villagers turned into lycanthropic-like creatures who preyed upon humans.



The Lycans were created by Mother Miranda, who captured village inhabitants to experiment on them as test subjects to bring her daughter Eva's consciousness into their body. The test subjects that failed turned into lycanthropic-like creatures, as the host rejected the parasite, and the Cadou rejected the host in response. The Lycans would be kept as minions for Miranda and several lords such as Karl Heisenberg and Salvatore Moreau, with the latter continuing to experiment on villagers with the Cadou. Lycans would come to hunger flesh, and would mostly feed on humans but also appear to also feast on animals, as they set up traps to capture crows.

Though they kept their normal intelligence, the Lycans took on the qualities of feral wolves, acting like packs and ambushing their prey strategically. Also, there are several different types of Lycans, with some being larger and wearing armor, and the Uriaș siblings being the leader of the creatures as the Uriaș was the village chief while Uriaș Străjer is his older brother. The Lycans would inhabit a mountain near the village that became their den, where they would consume flesh that was given to them presumably by Miranda or the other lords. Possibly before the 2020s, the villagers had come to known about the Lycans, as there is a letter that speaks of the "monster wolves of old".

Resident Evil Village

Once Mother Miranda captured Rosemary Winters, she ordered Heisenberg to allow the Lycans to slaughter the village so they could feed on the inhabitants. The Lycans first appear when Ethan arrives at the village, where he encounters several crows captured, and finds the area in disarray. The creatures attack Ethan once he meets a survivor named Grigori Stan, and survives two ambushes by the Lycans until they are called off by Mother Miranda. Ethan would later be captured by Heisenberg when he attempted to enter Dimitrescu's castle, and Karl had the Lycans attack Winters while he was evading traps. Afterward, the Lycans make recurring appearances across the village and Moreau's reservoir, where Ethan also encounters their feral counterpart, the Vârcolacs.

The lycanthropes later return when Ethan travels to their den to retrieve the final flask that holds a part of Rosemary. Winters killed Uriaș in the den, and managed to escape the mountain to Heisenberg's factory to speak with the final lord. When Mother Miranda prepares to enact the ceremony, she has the Lycans protect her and the fungus root from Hound Wolf Squad and the BSAA. The Lycans failed to stop Chris Redfield and his squad, as the fungus root was destroyed, thus presumably making the creatures extinct following Miranda's demise.


The Lycans, although for the most part still humanoid in appearance, have developed animalistic qualities similar wolves, as they are covered in dark blue fur, have sharp fangs and claws, powerful jaws and glowing white eyes.

Like most other creatures infected by the Mold, upon death, Lycans will rapidly calcify and crumble into dust, although rarely, now crystalized bones can be recovered


The Lycans prefer to work in packs with their fellow lycanthropes, but there a few of the creatures that seen solitary in houses or around the village. Though they will kill their prey to consume flesh, when Ethan encounters them in their den, he finds several human corpses tangled. When alerted or provoked, the Lycans become aggressive, howling for the others and turning their attention to their prey.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the mold and Cadou parasite, Lycans have enhanced physiology where they possess enhanced strength, agility, and durability. The Lycans have great durability, being able to take numerous shots from long-rage weapons before finally succumbing to their wounds. The creatures are greatly versatile, being able to climb through windows, jump on rooftops, and are capable on running on all fours at great speeds. Despite becoming mostly feral, they still retain their human intelligence, as they use makeshift weapons such as pickaxes and bow and arrows, ride on horseback, and create traps to capture crows. Cunning and strategic, they will set up ambushes or use their packs to corner their prey, and will dodge and duck when being aimed at with long rage weapons. In addition, they are capable of infecting humans, as Leonardo Lupu turned into a Lycan after being attacked by one.


Despite their enhanced durability, the Lycans are still vulnerable to long-range weapons and explosives, such as pipe bombs and red barrels. The creatures can also be temporarily blinded, as Ethan can use flour bags around the village to escape or attack them while they are vulnerable.


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